February 21, 2015

Maverick – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

I was about to post some photos from this little man’s cousin’s session when I realize,  wait,  I haven’t posted his and he was born first.   Well, as they say, better late than never.   Enjoy the fall colours!

I know you’ll recognize these lovely people, they’ve become regulars around here! This is another of my treasured clients who has been with me since their engagement session, and I am so delighted to see this beautiful family grow. Both mom and dad are sweet, caring individuals who absolutely adore their boys as well as each other. You can tell how proud they are from the way they interact both on and off camera. Now, with their new handsome new addition, they have a pair of darling  sons, just like my husband and I. It’s a true blessing and I know their life will be full of so much happiness! Boys are noisy messy things, but they are sweet and so much fun to nurture as they grow. They named this little charmer Maverick. I think it’s such a fantastic name! He was a star subject and I am so happy to photograph him again as he grows.

We had a beautiful rainbow of colors from the leaves on the trees where we started taking photos, and despite the nip in the air, this family was all smiles. We came back to the studio to finish things up and give little Maverick time to take an adorable and very photogenic nap!

Maverick newborn 001 (Side 1) fall afternoonMaverick newborn 002 (Side 2)Maverick newborn 003 (Side 3)Maverick newborn 004 (Side 4)Maverick newborn 005 (Side 5)Maverick newborn 006 (Side 6)Maverick newborn 007 (Side 7)

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February 10, 2015

Marissa – Abbotsford Maternity Photographer

Marissa’s photo shoot was a special one for me. She assists me quite often on photo shoots and runs her own photography business, Marissa V Photography, so she knows what makes a beautiful shot. It was a bitter cold day, but she’s such a tough lady and never made a fuss. I love working with her and I love photographing her! She’s due any day now, and I can’t wait to meet her child.

We got some incredible sunlight that day and it made for some breathtaking scenery.  The rustic, natural setting suited her so well.

pregnancy photos 001 (Side 1) sunset lovely picture 002 (Side 2) Marissa 003 (Side 3) riverside lace pose 004 (Side 4) Marissa 005 (Side 5)

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January 5, 2015

Baby Saaya – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

It’s a new year and I’m feeling so blessed to be celebrating yet another wonderful year in the photography business.   For most of you that know me, this has never been just a job.  I pour my heart and soul into this business and although I do sometimes have hard days,  I could never image doing anything else.    I want to say a huge (and I mean HUGE) thank-you to the wonderful clients that continue to come back year after year.  I am able to do what I do because of people like you so Thank-you!  Happy New Year everyone.

Here’s a post from way back.  I think it was saved in my draft folder , oops;)

Sweet babies are such a welcomed presence in my studio! As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times before, I LOVE babies! Teeny-tiny little ones who look at everything with curious eyes, chubby-wubby happy ones who giggle and play, and every shape and size in between- I love them all! They are such precious little blessings. Baby Saaya graced our studio back in the springtime and I’m sure she’s getting big by now! As usual, I’m so happy to be able to enjoy nature and the outdoors for these kind of beautiful sessions.

Abbotsford Photographer Newborn Baby Saaya Abbotsford Photographer Newborn Baby Saaya Abbotsford Photographer Newborn Baby SaayaAbbotsford Photographer Newborn Baby SaayaAbbotsford Newborn Photographer Baby Saaya

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