December 9, 2016

The “S” Family 2016 – Abbotsford Family Photographer

As I sit at my desk, watching the snow fall, I had the sudden urge to blog some colourful photos from fall. It’s such a vibrant time of year and I miss it already.  Not that I’m sad about the snow, it’s a nice change and I’m hoping this pretty white stuff hangs on for some photos tomorrow!  For now though,  I’m basking in the light of these images and remembering a warm autumn evening.   I’ve been editing like a mad woman for the last couple months (busy season!) and thought it was high time I caught up on a little blogging too.   I’ve never photographed this family before  and I really enjoyed chatting with them and watching their smiles and connections with each other.  They were celebrating the arrival of their handsome son just a few months before.  As you can see he’s a blessed little boy with lots of love from his parents and big sister. Enjoy the flashback to fall.
abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-001-side-1 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-002-side-2 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-003-side-3 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-004-side-4 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-005-side-5 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-006-side-6 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-007-side-7

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November 14, 2016

The Koss Family 2016 – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Okay, as usual for the Koss Family, this is going to be a long one! When you get the honour of photographing a family for many years you get to know them pretty well (not to mention Jenn is my talented hair stylist). So, what do you do when you feel really comfortable with people? You make them rush home from work on a weeknight to catch the sunset and take them to a rather sketchy and dirty (yet gorgeous) area. Thanks for always allowing me to be creative guys! I think it was worth the muddy shoes:)  If there are any other families out there that are interested in family photography AND a little adventure,  that can be arranged! Please contact me:)

abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-001-side-1 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-002-side-2 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-003-side-3 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-004-side-4 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-005-side-5 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-006-side-6 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-007-side-7 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-008-side-8 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-009-side-9 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-010-side-10 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-011-side-11abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-012-side-12

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November 13, 2016

Sara – Abbotsford Outdoor Newborn Photographer

Remember the sun?! It was great, right!? I’m definitely missing it this last month. Due to rain and bad weather I’ve rescheduled numerous outdoor photography sessions but,  looking back, I’m so grateful I had the opportunity this year to do a few outdoor newborn sessions.  The conditions have to be just perfect for babies and this day sure was.   Just look at this light and such a beautiful family too!   Daughter number two arrived in the warm months and was greeted by her adorning big sister.  She was just amazing with her new little playmate and you’ll see that show up in the photos.  Congratulations this this lovely family!

outdoor-newborn-photography-abbotsford-bc-001-side-1 outdoor-newborn-photography-abbotsford-bc-002-side-2 outdoor-newborn-photography-abbotsford-bc-003-side-3 outdoor-newborn-photography-abbotsford-bc-004-side-4 outdoor-newborn-photography-abbotsford-bc-005-side-5 outdoor-newborn-photography-abbotsford-bc-006-side-6

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