September 29, 2014

Shannon & Ryan – Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

A beautiful backyard wedding in September, yes please! I spent a delightful afternoon and evening with this sweet couple at the bride’s family home in Port Coquitlam. Family and friends surrounded them as they said their vows in the living room and then enjoyed the evening air for their relaxed reception. A few vintage touches on the wedding day made this photographer a happy shooter – not to mention the spectacular views and simply stunning sunset! All-in-all a perfect wedding. Congratulations to truly kind and beautiful couple!

Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 001 (Side 1) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 002 (Side 2) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 003 (Side 3) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 004 (Side 4) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 005 (Side 5) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 006 (Side 6) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 007 (Side 7) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 008 (Side 8) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 009 (Side 9)Shannon and ryan wedding Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 011 (Side 11) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 012 (Side 12) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 013 (Side 13) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 014 (Side 14) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 015 (Side 15) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 016 (Side 16)

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September 25, 2014

Baby B and Miss S – Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

I had a little fun editing this session  – it’s got an artsy feel and I love that about it. My favorite photos are often of children who don’t really know they’re being photographed. I just guided this little miss and let her explore. Nature makes perfect props and so she enjoyed blowing dandy lion seeds.   Her little brother joined us too but he hasn’t found his walking legs quite yet;)

Abbotsford Children_s Photographer Anita Chapman 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford Children_s Photographer Anita Chapman 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford Children_s Photographer Anita Chapman 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford Children_s Photographer Anita Chapman 004 (Side 4)

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September 4, 2014

Abbotsford Photography Classes – Shooting For Sucess

I’m excited to be involved with Omnilargess Services again and offer some informative classes on running a photography business.  We are covering a variety of topics that are geared to help business owners already in the industry or photographers looking to pursue their dream.   The course will run as a 6 week boot-camp although some classes can be taken individually.   Here are the details and a link to sign up.  Spaces are limited to sign up today!


Class 1: How to avoid burnout 101

Tuesday Sep. 23 , 2014  6:30pm to 9:00pm – Create a roadmap for your photography and personal health. Do not make mistakes which land you in the black hole of burnout, so common in this industry. Discover what kind of photographer you are and how this will impact the direction you take. Learn how to structure your business and life so that you can set yourself up for success.

Class 2 & 3: The Business of Photography

Part A –Tuesday Sep. 30 , 2014  6:30pm to 9:00pm -  Start your business off on the right foot, or bring your shack of a business up to speed in style. A tax professional will be on hand to discuss tax laws and practices specific to photographers in BC. A business professional will discuss options for starting your business properly, as well as “best business practices” so that you do not find yourself in a hole. We will cover things like business type, licenses, permits, insurance, home-based vs rental space. This will be a panel style, interactive class where there will be time for question and answers to your specific, photo business related questions.

Prerequisite: Class 1

Part B – Tuesday Oct. 7 , 2014  6:30pm to 9:00pm – Not from BC? That’s ok. In this part of the class we will discuss things like pricing structure, services, and products. Every photographer everywhere will have to climb this mountain sometime. How you price yourself can determine whether your business thrives or fails. Whether you are new to the game, or an old hat, this may be something to look at. Note – we will not be telling you to charge a specific amount or giving you a specific package or rate to go with. We will be highlighting a few options that are out there, going over the pros and cons of each, and helping you to figure out which model works best for you. Pricing and structure are highly personal choices, and what works for one may not work for another. Hopefully, by the end of  the class, you will be able to find a starting place from which to begin building your business and you will have a well thought out method for building your pricing structure. * Bring your current pricing structure if you have one. Also bring an estimate of the various costs you have in running your business (make some guesses if you do not already know)

Class 4: Taking a Sellable Photograph

Tuesday Oct. 14 , 2014  6:30pm to 9:00pm -  This class is NOT a class about how to use your camera. It is a class about how to make your images stand out against the rest. How do you go from your average, run-of-the-mill photographer to a sought-after photographer? What separates your images from snapshots? No matter what type of photography you do, other professionals will be able to pick out an amateur from a seasoned professional within seconds of viewing your images. Some, who have been doing this for a long time, may think their work is flawless – but there are subtleties to this art, just like any other art. Explore some common mistakes that photographers make, and learn how to avoid them.

Class 5: Using Social Media Strategically and Successfully

Prerequisite: Class 1

Tuesday Oct. 21 , 2014  6:30pm to 9:00pm -  If you want to know how to effectively use social media to position yourself as an expert and grow your business, then this class is for you! During this session, you will learn how to use social media strategically to build your online presence and increase your ability to be discovered by potential clients who are searching the Internet looking for someone with your expertise The most important truth of social media is that every photographer needs a customized plan that respects the limited time you have available for marketing and reaches your ideal client. The second half of this lesson is dedicated to developing a personalized social media strategy that you can implement right away.

Class 6: Presenting Your Images

Prerequisite: Class 1

Tuesday Oct. 28 , 2014  6:30pm to 9:00pm - So you’ve taken your images, edited them to your standards, but you are dreading the sales pitch! How do you get your images to look their best and get people to pay for them without looking like a car salesman? What do you show your clients and how do you show it to them? What do your products and service say to your client? Finally, much of photography businesses work on word of mouth. So how do you get those clients to come back and ensure that they tell their friends about you too?


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