March 24, 2015

One is Fun! – Abbotsford Children’s Photography

I knew this precious little lady was going to be a sweetheart before she was even born because her parents are both kind, wonderful people! I always enjoy watching little ones grow and develop over time in their own beautifully unique ways. You can already tell she’s going to be quite the nature lover just like her farmer mamma and daddy. She’s a tiny little ball of energy, and she’s very observant of her new wonderful world. Walking, running, climbing things, nothing’s gonna stop this little firecracker!

We celebrated her birthday at Corbould Park in Chillwack. Her crafty mommy made her such a stunning birthday cake! In no time at all she had it everywhere, but you can tell that she absolutely loved it.

Isla One is Fun Year 001 (Side 1) Isla One Year 002 (Side 2) Isla One Year 003 (Side 3) Isla One Year 004 (Side 4) Isla One Year 005 (Side 5) Isla One is Fun Year 006 (Side 6) Isla One is Fun Year 007 (Side 7)

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March 20, 2015

C&J Maternity Session – Abbotsford Maternity Photographer

I met Courtney and Jason ages ago and it’s exciting to see them start the new journey in their lives as parents. As always, I feel it’s a gift and a pleasure to share in such beautiful occasions and I thank them sincerely for that honour! I really am blessed with loyal clients who I love to work with and are truly wonderful people as well. It’s also a lot of fun for me to photograph this fantastic couple because they are so easygoing, relaxed, and perfectly natural in front of the camera. They’re an absolute joy! You just can’t teach this stuff!

Their photographs really captured the sweet bond they share. Alone, Courtney is absolutely gorgeous, but with her handsome husband by her side, she shines so wonderfully. You can just see how much he adores her, and it’s easy to understand why. She’s just as gorgeous a person inside as she is on the outside.
C&J Maternity Session Photography Abbotsford 001 (Side 1) Maternity Photography Abbotsford 002 (Side 2) Maternity Photography Abbotsford 003 (Side 3) Maternity Photography Abbotsford 004 (Side 4) C&J Maternity Session Abbotsford 005 (Side 5) C&J Maternity Session Abbotsford 006 (Side 6) C&J Maternity Session Abbotsford 007 (Side 7) C&J Maternity Session Abbotsford 008 (Side 8) C&J Maternity Session Photography Abbotsford 009 (Side 9)

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March 19, 2015

Look what I found – Abbotsford Family Photographer

A while back I thought I’d blog a few personal posts and, well, I completely forgot…

I know! I know! I am not a diligent blogger, but I’m making an honest effort! So here’s a family camping trip we made last summer. I LOVE photographing my family in these situations. It really demonstrates the photo-journalistic approach to photography that I am truly inspired to take in all my work. No posing subjects or shouting orders, but just letting things happen as they may. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Sept Camping Trip 001 (Side 1) Sept Camping Trip 002 (Side 2) Sept Camping Trip 003 (Side 3) Sept Camping Trip 004 (Side 4)

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