December 1, 2014

Gronberg Family 2014 – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Am I ever feeling the Christmas spirit!  This weekend, there was no better way to start the holiday festivities than by enjoying a lively photo session at the Christmas Tree Farm. Some of the best clients in the world and I braved the crisp winter air and although it was a super chilly day, they warmed my heart. The kids were delightful subjects as usual and I had plenty of candy to keep them running. The day provided lots of stunning light, and the big Christmas trees along with a few simple decorations made for a perfect festive scene. I am so grateful to Bergen Bros Christmas Tree Farm in Arnold for letting us capture these wonderful memories on their beautiful farm. They sure know how to get into the spirit of the season! Let the holidays begin!

Christmas Tree Farm Gronberg Family 2014Christmas Tree Farm Gronberg Family 2014Christmas Tree Farm Gronberg Family 2014Christmas Tree Farm Gronberg Family 2014Christmas Tree Farm photos 006 (Side 6)Christmas Tree Farm photos 007 (Side 7)Christmas Tree Farm photos 008 (Side 8)

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Bryan and Angela – Abbotsford Engagement Photography

Big weddings can be a lot of work to organize, but that doesn’t worry this amazing couple. Bryan and Angela want a beautiful big wedding full of happy people around them on an August day to help them celebrate the beginning of their life together. In their opinion, the more the merrier! I know it will be an incredible occasion because I could tell right away how much they loved one another.

One special photo we took during this shoot was the sweet picture of the kiss hidden behind the pretty Autumn leaf. It turns out that Angela’s parents had a similar photo taken when they were married. Her mother and father shared a kiss behind the bouquet on their wedding day and the idea was just too adorable! On the big day, we will need to take a new one using her bouquet and the tradition will be complete!

Congrats Bryan and Angela! Looking forward to your big day.

Bryan and Angela engagement photos falling autumn leaves Bryan and Angela Bryan & Angela Abbotsford Wedding Photographer 003 (Side 3) Bryan & Angela Abbotsford Wedding Photographer 004 (Side 4) Bryan & Angela Abbotsford Wedding Photographer 005 (Side 5) Bryan & Angela Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Autumn leaves

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November 30, 2014

The Kasper Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Another fantastic fall family photo session (Yeah, I’m feeling fancy with the alliteration today)!

I met the Kasper Family back when their son got married. It’s always such a joy to see families that I’ve gotten to know grow and expand through the years. They’ve added a beautiful grandson with two more on the way soon! This means their family photo won’t stay current for long, but no one has any complaints. Adding to such a wonderful family is always a good thing.

 Kasper FamilyKaspersKasper Family 003 (Side 3)Kasper Family 004 (Side 4)Kasper Family 005 (Side 5)Kasper Family 006 (Side 6)

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