July 13, 2015

Erica and Brad – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

There’s nothing more beautiful than a wedding, and when the bride and groom are as lovely inside as they are on the outside, you know that it’ll be the event of a lifetime! Erica and Brad started as high school sweethearts, both were raised as farm kids involved with 4H, and love bloomed for this amazing couple. Brad is a motivated businessman as well as a hard-working student. I’d been given the honor of photographing four of Erica’s cousin’s weddings too! I adore the whole family and I knew it would be a day to remember.

We started the day at Erica’s family home, and the atmosphere was so calm and peaceful! Erica and the bridesmaids were so relaxed. The ceremony took place at their home church, Gateway Community, and the decorations were so elegant, but still had a rustic farm feel. It matched their personality so well! They chose three beautiful locations for their photos: McDonald Park, which has been such a popular spot lately, a little road near a family farm, and then at the farm itself. The day was stunning and so was the bride! She was absolutely glowing. You could tell how happy both Erica and Brad were to be together, and now this adorable couple will start their life together in Chilliwack.

Erica and Brad 001 (Side 1)Erica and Brad 002 (Side 2)Erica and Brad 003 (Side 3)Erica and Brad 004 (Side 4)Erica and Brad 005 (Side 5)Erica and Brad 006 (Side 6)Erica and Brad 007 (Side 7)Erica and Brad 008 (Side 8)Erica and Brad 009 (Side 9)Erica and Brad 010 (Side 10)Erica and Brad 011 (Side 11)Erica and Brad 012 (Side 12)Erica and Brad 013 (Side 13)Erica and Brad 014 (Side 14)Erica and Brad 015 (Side 15)Erica and Brad 016 (Side 16)Erica and Brad 017 (Side 17)Erica and Brad 018 (Side 18)

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June 27, 2015

The Falk Family and Josh’s Grad – Abbotsford Family Photographer

If clients need a hand deciding on a location for their photo sessions, I always love to give them a few ideas. I’ve discovered so many wonderful locations over the years to set a pretty scene. It seems like McDonald park is everyone’s favorite lately and I can definitely see why! You can’t help but appreciate the big beautiful trees that tower above the lovely riverside setting. It’s the perfect setting for memorable, beautiful photos. You’ll never hear any complaints from me; I love this place too!

I met up with this awesome family to combine a grad session and family session one warm June night. Mom worked hard to pick out just the right outfits for her family and the colours blended fabulously with the natural background. We started with the classic family photos and then took some time to focus on the new graduate and his incredibly cool choice of props, a classic car.
family photographer 001 (Side 1) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 002 (Side 2) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 003 (Side 3) the Falk Family and Josh's Gradfamily photographer 004 (Side 4) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 005 (Side 5) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 006 (Side 6) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 007 (Side 7) the Falk Family and Josh's GradThe Falk Family and Josh’s Grad [/caption]

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June 10, 2015

Angela and Bryan – Abbotsford Water Engagement Session

So what do you do if your beautiful fiancee wants to jump in a lake for her engagement session but it’s November and therefore too cold outside? Well, if you’re Bryan, you schedule a second surprise engagement session for a few months later when the weather is nice and hot! What a guy! He certainly did surprise Angela and it was awesome to see her reaction. We had to arrange it last minute due to busy schedules, but the weather that day and the timing of the session worked out perfectly anyway.  They were both willing subjects and didn’t hesitate to hop right into the lukewarm waters at fantastic Cultus Lake.  Angela may look like she was putting up a fight, but I can tell you otherwise! She and her man were having the time of their lives playing together and having fun.

These two are seriously adorable, too. It’s incredibly evident that they are enamored with each other and I’m so happy they’ve found their perfect soul mate in one another.  Their much anticipated wedding is happening in August and I just can’t wait to be a part of it!

Water engagement session Angela and Bryan 001 (Side 1) Water engagement session Angela and Bryan 002 (Side 2) Water engagement session Angela and Bryan 003 (Side 3) Water engagement session Angela and Bryan 004 (Side 4) Water engagement session Angela and Bryan 005 (Side 5) Water engagement session Angela and Bryan 006 (Side 6) Water engagement session Angela and Bryan 007 (Side 7)