Baby Kaiden and Cousins Alyshia & Maddy – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I did this little session before the holidays and didn’t have a chance to post it. Recently, I’ve learned that this adorable, sweet little boy was admitted to the hospital with an unknown medical condition. The doctors thought they had it diagnosed and started treatments but that has failed and now he will be sent to Children’s hospital. Please keep this precious little boy, Kaiden, in your prayers.

Here are his beautiful cousins who visit my studio often.

Kurt, Michelle & Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Kurt and Michelle have a wonderful blended family that is only all together a few times a year. We have tried in the past to arrange a session but it was really tricky to get all their schedules and mine together. Finally, Kurt called and had an idea over Christmas vacation. I usually take time off but I couldn’t say no to these guys. This session was almost two years in the making!

It was a super cold but beautifully sunny day. They knew exactly what photos they wanted so we worked fast and had a great time.   We managed to get one quick shot with their jackets off.  Kurt chose the awesome shirts for his three oldest sons.

The jackets went on for a few shots after that.

Wow, popping green eyes on these two.

I LOVE these two of Michelle and Kurt.  They didn’t have many photos of them together so they ordered a bunch.

And my favorite shot of the family!  Always the ones where everyone is just having fun.

Terri & Jon – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

During the holidays I took a day off  from the excessive eating to join Terri and Jon on their festive wedding day.  I absolutely love holiday decorations so capturing a wedding that included all that sparkle was really magical.   The couple and their families were truly wonderful and there was so much happiness, joy and love at this wedding that you could feel it.

Here is the sparkle.

Terri’s son is so sweet.

Love the look on the father of the bride’s face.

A couple from Natalie’s side of the church.

Another great angle from Natalie.

The brave couple was game for some outdoor photos in the cold.  Not much directing required for these two.  They were all smiles and full of love.

I think these two are my favorites from the day.  So relaxed and pretty.

Warming up around the Christmas tree.

The reception was held at Newlands in Langley.

Jon’s three sons are such great guys and had such touching speeches.

Natalie’s up close and personal view.   Happy!

Instead of tossing the bouquet,  the bride gave it to the couple who had been married the longest and it turned out to be her parents.  How fitting!

And they danced the night away!

Congratulations to two wonderful people who, though huge distances separated them,  found each other.  I wish you nothing but happiness!

The Vleeming Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

So happy to get the chance to photograph this great family once again. I loved the colours they (aka mom) chose for their outdoor session.

Remember this?   Last year this little angel took a ride in this sleigh……

…..this year we tried this sleigh.  How adorable is she.

Here’s another few  flashbacks.  The latest picture is on the bottom right.  He is so cute!

Too Busy To Blog?!

I know, we bloggers go on and on about how we try so hard to keep up to date but life is too busy. Well, it’s true. I’ve had a ton of sessions this last month (perhaps the most ever) and that is a good thing. But, when it comes between getting my clients photos out on time or blogging you know the photos will win. I’d love to show you all the lovely sessions I’ve had the pleasure of shooting but not everything can make it on the blog. Sometimes I just run out of time and sometimes clients don’t want their pretty faces plastered on the internet.

These pretty people don’t have a problem with their faces being posted so I’ll show you all the fun we had. No serious photos for this post. I prefer the goofy shots anyway:) This is my beautiful friend Adina and her family.