Katrina & James – Part Two – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Here are just a “few” more from a gorgeous October wedding. The beautiful Mr & Mrs chose Minter Gardens for their wedding photos and reception.

Hello yummy light!

Have I mentioned that these two are fabulous in front of the camera?!   They are fabulous in front of the camera!

They also know how to cut a rug!

This wedding had a ton of cute children.  So fun!

Recognize these cuties?! See them again here and here and here and here. Yes,  I like these people;)

Congratulations Mr & Mrs!  It was truly and amazing day.   Thanks for sharing it with us.

Katrina & James – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

If I could choose just one word to describe this couple and their wedding it would be FUN.   I have been going though the photos, trying to choose ones to post, and I’ve been laughing  and smiling so much.    Because it’s easier just to let the photos do the talking,  here they are.

My associate Shayna caught the groom as the Bride entered.  He’s looking pretty happy!

So was the bride!

Katrina has an electric smile that  lit up the whole room.

I honestly howled the whole ceremony.  I had to remind myself to take the photos!

Moments before the big kiss…..

Groom getting ready…..

Best kiss shot ever!  Way to go guys!

I normally don’t post family photos but this one made me smile.  Can you tell the solitary brother on the end didn’t want to cuddle as much as the girls did?!

Cute, cute, cute!

I was busy catching the group shots while Shayna caught the couple.  Cute huh?!

Flying high!   Note,  I only took one shot and this is what they gave me.  GREAT JOB WEDDING PARTY.

Pretty light, pretty ladies.  As always,  a favorite combination.

These boys knew how to bring it too.   Thanks fellas!

This little man is in my son’s class and I adore him!  We really enjoyed hanging out with him.   Cute, polite and charming….can I keep him?

Oh,  these pretty, pretty people.  How I love them.

I have a ton (and I mean a ton) more photos to go though, but when I do,  more will be posted.