Brittany & Matt – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Brittany and Matt had a hot and sunny Saturday wedding in September.    The forecast had called for 10 millimeters of rain but I think they must have some pull with The Man Upstairs because it was an awesome day.    I did post a few of this couple earlier (see here)

Aren’t these two adorable?!   The little ring bearer reminded me of my son Jack earlier this year at my brother’s wedding.   This little guy didn’t look too thrilled either to carry those rings.   It’s a tough job you know!

The glowing bride,  literally!

Gotta love the shoes.

Thanks Natalie for the shot on the right.

A rather gorgous group,  I’d have to say.

Yes,  he stole my heart.   Such a character!

Pretty girls,  check!   Glowing back lighting,  check.  Happy photographer,  check, check!

Natalie handled the boys for me this wedding.   Loving her shot on the left.   Little sass from the girls on the right.  Work it!

I ♥  these images.  Feel the love?!

We took a trip to some  railway tracks and the party began.

Um,   yes,  the skies rocked.

I “stole”  this shot of Natalie’s.  Had to post it because it’s the awesomest. (yes,  that’s my new word,  just made it up)   Thanks Nat!

The End.   (or should I say begining?!)

Congrats you two!  You are fabulous to work with!

Cecilia & Steve – Abbotsford Family Photograher

It’s the beginning of the Autumn photo session season and I was super excited to kick  it off with some fabulous clients.   I first met Cecilia and Steve about three years ago when I shot their wedding.  Since then Cecilia has started her own photography business and I’ve enjoyed spending some time with her on our last Photo Chicks outing.

Here are some fun images we captured this weekend.

They both have gorgeous coloured eyes.

Hello,  Beautiful!

Thanks for the fun morning guys!

My son, the photographer

Quote from Andy (my six year old)  this morning “Mom, I took the perfect family portrait! Can you edit it before you do your work today? I want to put it in my room.”

Ummm….where does he get this stuff from?!  Here’s the “perfect family portrait.

My Brother’s Wedding – Part Two – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

I’ve finally finished working on my brother’s wedding. Yay! It’s been so much fun looking through all the images and I definitely had some good laughs at the reception photos.  I posted a great deal more on the Facebook page so be sure and check those out too.

I’m falling in love with Gardner Park all over again!   I’ve used this location numerous times and when I use a location that often,  I sometime get bored with it.   James and Emily’s wedding made me love it again:)   The light was perfect and the couple gorgeous.  I saw some things that I missed the other times I’ve shot there.  Love that!    On that note,  I shot my very first wedding there and it was my sister’s!   That was 9 years ago this fall.   It was so perfect to get to photograph my brother’s wedding  there too.  I have so many great memories of the park.   When I was little (like 6 or 7) my parents took me there and I remember seeing a bride and groom having their photos taken.  I was enamored!  I sat and stared at them, loving the dress, the flowers and romance of it all.  I think you could say I am doing what I was meant to do and it all started when I was a little girl .  On with the photos…

My brother really knows how to work it!

I took a million shots here.   The light was PERFECTION!   Did I mention the couple too?!?

We had a lot of time (thanks to a brilliant couple who planned plenty of time for photography) so we made three stops.   Below is a pretty field on the way to the reception hall.

These images were shot at Mill lake.

And back to the field.

These are not in order,  oops.  Oh well.  This image was taken at Gardner Park and I took it because I did a shot very simular to it at my sister’s wedding.   Just a little reminiscent.

There are just too many photos of the reception to post so I’ve done a little collage.

Here is something I never do,  post embarrassing photos of myself.    I’ll scratch that off my to do list now!  Feel free to mock me.

Baby Ashley – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

This two week old angel was a sleepy head when I went to visit her this week. Yay! Sleeping newborns are the easiest to pose and they just look so angelic. Thanks Ashley.  I’ll be posting more on the Facebook group too.

Ashley’s big sister Brooklyn was a model herself.

Although posing with her sister wasn’t as much fun,  we did manage to capture a few shots of them together.

After the indoor home session we headed outdoors to the fields.

Might be my favorite shot here.

Congratulations to my dear friend Angela on another gorgeous daughter.

Ishara Turns One – Abbotsford Children’s photographer

My good friends Tamara and Natalie stopped by yesterday to have a little fun with our cameras. Tamara’s youngest turned one a while ago and we snapped a few shots of her to celebrate. I had to have the naked baby shots, they are too adorable. Thanks for letting me use your gorgeous daughter Tamara!

James & Emily – My brother’s Wedding – Part One

Here they are, at last. More photos from my brothers big day. He and his lovely bride, Emily, were married at the end of June and their wedding was absolutely wonderful. I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother either:) I’ll probably post even more photos than normal because it’s family!

I had so much fun with Emily’s dress!   She got ready at her parents beautiful property in Mission and there were so many backdrops to choose from.

Isn’t this an adorable little cabin?!   Emily’s extremely talented father has built many little buildings, such as these,  on his property.

Emily herself,  is every photographer’s dream subject.

You can see that Emily inherited her beauty from her stunning mother, pictured on the left.

Bride,  father,  and groom,  all moments before the ceremony.

The beautiful and fun bridesmaids and my handsome boys who were the ring bearers.

My hubby,  my boys and my nephews.

The flower girls were my nieces too.

More of my boys.

Guarding rings is hard work!

Married!   Yay!   More of the formals and party to come in a few days.

Brittany & Matt – Chilliwack Wedding Photographer

I almost never post images on a Sunday anymore, it’s our family day. But….I am a little bit in love with this couple! They are so adorable that I had to have a little look at their photos this morning. That led to a bit of editing and that led to me having to post “just a few”. Just a few turned into 11 images. Wow, I really don’t know when to stop!

Baby Girl Noemie – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

My, my how time flies! The older you get, the quicker it goes by. I sometimes wish pushing the pause button was an option. Just another great reason to take pictures of your babies often. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family quite a few times, beginning with their first pregnancy. Now they have welcomed baby number two and she is just as perfect and adorable as her older brother.

I heart this image.   What a beautiful family!

Aedan is a fantastic big brother and  he is very gentle with his sister.  Thanks Aedan!

Baby Girl Allianna

After about a month and a half of trying to schedule a session I finally got to meet this little perfect child last week. She is gorgeous! Don’t you just want to squish her?!

Her handsome big brother came along too and he stole my heart again!  You’re remember him from the maternity session here.

We had a beautiful Saturday without rain and got to have some time in the park too. Yay!

Great to see you all again!