Christmas Mini Session

Oh, I am so excited! I haven’t done anything like this in years but I was feeling a little creative and wanted to offer some fun mini sessions. The style – West Coast Woodsy Christmas – and there are a few more elements (fun things to sit on) I will be adding before the big day, December 6th.
I am booking up fast so email right away for your spot.

Here is what I currently have available.  ** Edited Nov 13th

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mini session


Shannon and Ryan – Coquitlam Wedding Photographer

A beautiful, elegant backyard wedding in September? Yes, please! I spent a delightful afternoon and evening with the charming couple, Shannon and Ryan, at the bride’s family home in Port Coquitlam. Family and friends surrounded them as they said their vows in the living room and then enjoyed the evening air for their relaxed, intimate reception. A few very special vintage touches on some elements of this gorgeous wedding day made this photographer a happy shooter – not to mention the spectacular views and the simply stunning sunset to top it off! After all was said and done, it was an undeniably perfect wedding from start to finish. Congratulations to a truly kind and beautiful couple on their unforgettable day!

Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 001 (Side 1) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 002 (Side 2) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 003 (Side 3) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 004 (Side 4) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 005 (Side 5) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 006 (Side 6) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 007 (Side 7) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 008 (Side 8) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 009 (Side 9)Shannon and ryan wedding Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 011 (Side 11) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 012 (Side 12) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 013 (Side 13) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 014 (Side 14) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 015 (Side 15) Coquitlam Wedding Photographer 016 (Side 16)

Jeremy and Corey – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Jeremy and Corey, congratulations! This was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple. It was an honour to be a part of your beautiful wedding. I never get tired of Clayburn Village, the Clayburn Village Church, and its school house. They make such a beautiful setting for a wedding. The chapel is so charming and intimate, it made for a very special day and I’m so happy to have been a part of it!

Getting Ready


Jeremy & Corey 005 (Side 5) Jeremy & Corey 006 (Side 6) Jeremy & Corey 007 (Side 7) Jeremy & Corey 008 (Side 8) Jeremy & Corey 009 (Side 9) Jeremy & Corey 010 (Side 10) Jeremy & Corey 011 (Side 11) Jeremy & Corey 012 (Side 12) Jeremy & Corey 013 (Side 13) Jeremy & Corey 014 (Side 14) Jeremy & Corey 015 (Side 15) Jeremy & Corey 016 (Side 16) Jeremy & Corey 017 (Side 17) Jeremy & Corey 018 (Side 18) Jeremy & Corey 019 (Side 19) Jeremy & Corey 020 (Side 20)

New Packaging – Abbotsford Photographer

Last winter during the “quiet” season, I was able to update my studio’s flooring, its paint, and the artwork on the walls (I promise photos will come when I get a few more details finished). This winter some of my goals have been to get my new website up and running, to design and produce new packaging materials for my various products, and to update and print my new product guide book. Regrettably, these things all seem to take longer than I first anticipated, but I’m so happy with the end results! The product guide looks fantastic, the new packaging materials look crisp and clean and lovely, and I think my customers will be able to tell how much effort goes into each and every one of their photographs. I have at least three other projects on my plate at the moment and those last few studio updates I want to finish are still in the works, but spring has sprung and they might have to wait till next winter. We’ll have to wait and see! For now, here’s a preview of some of my new packaging, booklets, and materials that we’ll be using sometime in the near future!

New Packaging - Abbotsford Photographer New Packaging - Abbotsford Photographer

Leanne and Adam – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

I just can’t say enough good things about Leanne and Adam or about their wedding! One of the reasons it’s so special is that this is the last daughter in the Friesen family to get married and I’ve been given the honor of photographing all their weddings. Also, Leanne rocks at choosing locations and details. Plus, did you see that dress? It’s breathtaking! All in all, it was a stunning day for a sweet couple who really pulled everything together well. The day was full of smiles, so relaxing, and lots of fun. Leanne and Adam made it a truly memorable occasion.

I was also super excited to finally shoot a wedding with some foggy weather. I love fog! It was a huge source of inspiration for me when I first picked up my film Minolta camera when I was a teenager.

On with the photos!

Leanne and AdamLeanne and Adam

I had the chance once again to work with the incredibly talented Mathias Fast and he did an amazing job with the guys photos below:

Leanne and Adam

Possibly my favorite first look, ever!

Leanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and Adam

The light streaming in was heavenly.   Thanks again to Mathias for the flower and program photos below:

Leanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and AdamLeanne and Adam


Laura & Bob – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Laura and Bob’s wedding that was held at Minter Gardens in August and it was special for a few reasons: I did Laura’s sister’s wedding just one year before and it was fantastic to be a part of one of their family’s special celebrations again, and this would most likely be my last wedding at Minter Gardens. We were so grateful that the rain held off till we were safely situated  in the reception hall and we didn’t have to suffer with stifling summer heat. Both Laura and Bob looked absolutely amazing on their special day and it was beautiful to see the love shared between them. Congratulations, Bob and Laura!

Melanie Trash The Dress

Melanie and her husband Richard celebrated their one year anniversary a little early with a Trash the Dress session recently. I was so excited to see them again, and to enjoy the sunny weather in Manning Park. What an amazing view and an even more amazing couple! Melanie’s sister’s wedding is coming soon too, and I can’t wait!

Lorene & Mike – Abbotsford Wedding Photography

Well, this is it. The last girl in the Vanderwal family just got married! There were four sisters all together, and I feel so blessed to have shared in each of their amazing weddings. They will all hold a special place in my heart, along with Lila Z, the pretty cow that follows them around!

I love all of you girls and congrats to Mike and Lorene on a stunning day. I wish you both a world of happiness!