Amanda & Jess – Clayburn Village Wedding

Amanda and Jess are from two different worlds; one is filed with sunshine and kangaroos and the other with mountains and rain clouds. This fact could not keep these two apart though and over the span of about five years they flew back and forth over oceans to be together. It is such a sweet love story. I couldn’t be happier to see them wed at the beautiful chapel in Clayburn Village this month.  We had plans to visit a nearby park but after the ceremony the rain started to pour. Our plan B was to head to Fish Trap/Ellwood Park to find some cover.  Thankfully, the rain stopped when we arrived and we were able to use the beautiful trails and bridges and still stay dry.  As you’ll see, it was a dream to photograph these people.  Their entire wedding party was heaps of fun too.  If you get the chance to hang out with a bunch of Auzzie boys you won’t be board, I can promise that! Congratulations Amanda and Jess!  Photographing your wedding was a pure joy.  Wishing you a life of love and happiness in sunny Australia.

Desiree & Dave – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Desiree and Dave celebrated their beautiful day surrounded by friends and family at the South Bronson Community Center in Pitt Meadows. The dress was to die for and the decor outstanding! Desiree obviously worked hard to bring this look together and it didn’t disappoint. These details make me love being a wedding photographer! We were all so happy that the rain held off and they were able to have their intimate vows on the dock over looking the river. So beautiful!  Congratulations to this kind and fun couple!  It was an honour to share your day with you.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography – Marabeth & Caleb

Surrounded by warm and loving friends and family, on a hot and sunny Sunday, Caleb & Marabeth said their wedding vows. Fraser River Lodge, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Fraser Valley, provided the most stunning backdrop anyone could ask for.  The bride looked like a princess in her exquisite silk gown,  a little reminiscent of another princess who wore silk in the 1980s.   Caleb,  who could not disguise his happiness if he wanted to, looked quite sharp himself, and when given the opportunity kissed his lovely lady as much as he could.   Their first kiss was a spectacular way to seal the deal… see below!    After enjoying the venue for a while we stuck away with the bride and groom to a secluded, secret spot filled with dreamy light.  As you can see,  they were a joy to photograph! The shade also offered some much appreciated relief from the heat.   Back at the venue, after the delicious meal was enjoyed, the couple relaxed as heartfelt speeches and toasts were given.  Then, dancing and laughter completed the night and Caleb whisked away his beautiful bride.   There were so many beautiful moments in this day and it was an honour to be a small part of it.    Congratulations to the sweet couple!   Wishing you years and years of happiness together.
Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 001 (Side 1)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 002 (Side 2)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 003 (Side 3)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 004 (Side 4)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 005 (Side 5)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 006 (Side 6)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 007 (Side 7)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 008 (Side 8)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 009 (Side 9)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 010 (Side 10)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 011 (Side 11)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 012 (Side 12)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 013 (Side 13)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 014 (Side 14)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 015 (Side 15)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 016 (Side 16)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 017 (Side 17)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 018 (Side 18)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 019 (Side 19)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 020 (Side 20)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 021 (Side 21)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 022 (Side 22)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 024 (Side 24)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 025 (Side 25)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 026 (Side 26)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 027 (Side 27)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 028 (Side 28)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 029 (Side 29)Abbotsford Wedding Photographer Fraser River Lodge 030 (Side 30)


Tricia and Tim – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Tricia and Tim’s wedding day was meant to be a big celebration and it was a wonderful day for sure. Hundreds of their family members and friends gathered together on a cool April Saturday to share in the joy of their nuptials. The couple, who’s kindness was so evident in their interactions with each other, seemed to be on cloud nine all day long. Surrounded by their equally kind cluster of friends, we made our way to Willband Park in Abbotsford to have their first look. Tim was beaming constantly as his bride-to-be gathered her ballroom style skirt and walked through the park to meet him. It was a bit of a hike but well worth the trip. After the bridges, trails and mountain backdrops, we continued our photo adventure at the Clayburn Village B&B and Bramble Bistro (aka Tanglebank Gardens), both charming places to do wedding photos! We were eternally grateful for the dramatic skies that incredibly,  did not shed a drop of rain. Our last stop was Christian Life Community Church where the couple said their “I dos”  surrounded by a sea of smiling faces.  Truly, it was a beautiful day for such a loving couple. Wishing you God’s richest blessings upon your marriage, Tim and Tricia!

Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 007 (Side 7) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 008 (Side 8) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 009 (Side 9) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 010 (Side 10) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 011 (Side 11) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 012 (Side 12) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 013 (Side 13) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 014 (Side 14) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village 015 (Side 15) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village Tricia and Tim 016 (Side 16) Abbotsford Wedding Photographer clayburn village Tricia and Tim 017 (Side 17)

Year in Review – Abbotsford Portrait Photographer

Well, this is a first! I’ve never done a Year in Review post and although I know things like this usually happen early in January, I thought it was time I tried one for myself! Better late than never, right? I was originally going through photos in order to start a new business Instagram account. I’ve been feeling like I need a new open platform to give clients a sneak peek into some of my work and Instagram seemed like the perfect place to start!  I took a little time (okay, way too much time) going through each and every family, newborn, toddler, maternity, engagement and wedding session I did during the last year and chose one photo from each.  JUST one. That was the really hard part! I get to know these clients so well during our time together that we leave as friends! How am I supposed to pick one picture out of all that fun? Still, I managed to do it, and here is the beautiful result! A little slice of the beautiful memories we made together this past year. Here’s to another great year, everyone! Enjoy!

Abbotsford portrait photographer Year in Review 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford portrait photographer Year in Review 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford portrait photographer 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford portrait photographer 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford portrait photographer 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford portrait photographer 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford portrait photographer 007 (Side 7) Abbotsford portrait photographer 008 (Side 8) Abbotsford portrait photographer 009 (Side 9) Abbotsford portrait photographer 010 (Side 10)

Amee and Josh – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

This couple is so full of love for each other and they positively exude warmth. It was a delight to work with Amee and Josh, their kind families, and all their wonderful friends. The getting ready photos were taken in the bride’s parents beautiful home. Her dad spent countless hours making the yard absolutely stunning. I adore the topiaries! Everything was absolutely perfect for his little girl.  Also, the father of the bride lent the couple his little green Nissan Figaro- a super awesome and immaculately decorated car- for the occasion. Just before the ceremony, the bride and groom enjoyed a special quiet moment. The groom was blindfolded the whole time, and somehow it felt much more sweet and intimate that way. His expression was so full of emotion when he finally did see her walking down the aisle. The ceremony itself was held at the Ramada in Abbotsford. The bride as well as all her beautiful ladies are teachers, and I just adored them! They were sweet and friendly and so much fun to be around. After the ceremony we headed to Ellwood Park, as the bride had always admired the tree-lined trails and imagined having photos taken there. Ans, some of the photos were taken in front of a particularly unique backdrop…. the groom is a pilot and his lovely bride had her heart set on taking some photos with an airplane.  The Abbotsford Airport has an awesome jet that lent itself wonderfully to the occasion.  Congratulations to a stunning and super kind couple!

Amee and Josh 001 (Side 1) Amee and Josh 002 (Side 2)Amee and Josh 003 (Side 3)b Amee and Josh 004 (Side 4) Amee & Josh 005 (Side 5) Amee & Josh 006 (Side 6) Amee & Josh 007 (Side 7) Amee & Josh 008 (Side 8) Amee & Josh 009 (Side 9) Amee & Josh 010 (Side 10) Amee & Josh 011 (Side 11) Amee & Josh 012 (Side 12) Amee & Josh 013 (Side 13) Amee & Josh 014 (Side 14) Amee & Josh 015 (Side 15) Amee & Josh 016 (Side 16) Amee & Josh 017 (Side 17) Amee & Josh 018 (Side 18) Amee & Josh 019 (Side 19) Amee & Josh 020 (Side 20) Amee & Josh 021 (Side 21)

Bryan and Angela – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Yes, you’ve seen these people here before! Bryan and Angela had not one but two engagement sessions with me, and they were so much fun! You can see those sessions here and here.  They were just as fun to work with at their wedding as they were during their engagement shoots. They are sincere, kind, and relaxed people and it’s always such a joy. They decided on a very special and intimate first look, and it turned out beautifully. The natural location really let their tenderness and love for each other take center stage. It was wonderful! We enjoyed beautiful sunny weather in Fort Langley, which is always a fantastic location for unique photographs.  We also took some photos at Derby Reach. Their wedding was all fun and games. Literally. They took a playful, yet casual approach to their big day and it fit their personalities perfectly!  Check out some photos of the cool activities they had planned for their loved ones!  Did I forget to mention the ice cream?! Yup, even I enjoyed a cone of it!

Bryan and Angela Wedding 001 (Side 1)Bryan and Angela Wedding 002 (Side 2)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 003 (Side 3)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 004 (Side 4)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 005 (Side 5)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 006 (Side 6)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 007 (Side 7)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 008 (Side 8)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 009 (Side 9)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 010 (Side 10)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 011 (Side 11)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 012 (Side 12)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 013 (Side 13)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 014 (Side 14)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 015 (Side 15)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 016 (Side 16)

Erica and Brad – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

There’s nothing more beautiful than a wedding, and when the bride and groom are as lovely inside as they are on the outside, you know that it’ll be the event of a lifetime! Erica and Brad started as high school sweethearts, both were raised as farm kids involved with 4H, and love bloomed for this amazing couple. Brad is a motivated businessman as well as a hard-working student. I’d been given the honor of photographing four of Erica’s cousin’s weddings too! I adore the whole family and I knew it would be a day to remember.

We started the day at Erica’s family home, and the atmosphere was so calm and peaceful! Erica and the bridesmaids were so relaxed. The ceremony took place at their home church, Gateway Community, and the decorations were so elegant, but still had a rustic farm feel. It matched their personality so well! They chose three beautiful locations for their photos: McDonald Park, which has been such a popular spot lately, a little road near a family farm, and then at the farm itself. The day was stunning and so was the bride! She was absolutely glowing. You could tell how happy both Erica and Brad were to be together, and now this adorable couple will start their life together in Chilliwack.

E and B 001 (Side 1)E and B 002 (Side 2)E and B 003 (Side 3)Erica and Brad 004 (Side 4)Erica and Brad 005 (Side 5)Erica and Brad 006 (Side 6)Erica and Brad 007 (Side 7)Erica and Brad 008 (Side 8)Erica and Brad 009 (Side 9)Erica and Brad 010 (Side 10)Erica and Brad 011 (Side 11)Erica and Brad 012 (Side 12)Erica and Brad 013 (Side 13)E and B 014 (Side 14)E and B 015 (Side 15)E and B 016 (Side 16)E and B 017 (Side 17)E and B 018 (Side 18)

Angela and Jeramey – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

This post has been begging to be put up for a long time now! This couple is incredible, and I was so thrilled to be able to be a part of their special day. I had taken photographs of the bride and her fantastic kids before and I was so excited to capture such special moments with them. They held their gorgeous ceremony in Clayburn Village on Valentines day! What a perfect day to bring together such a loving couple. Her son was the handsome little ring bearer, and her daughter got to be a junior bridesmaid! One of my most favourite photos of the day was the shot of her son adjusting his bowtie! The groom’s wonderful kids sat in the front row with happy, smiling faces. The whole ceremony was really emotional and I caught myself tearing up more than once at the beautiful scene. The groom was so obviously head over heels for his new wife, it was so beautiful to see. The wedding even got an article published about it in Image Magazine Wedding Edition 2015! You can read the whole spread in the online version here.

I wish this amazing couple every happiness in their marriage!

PM2_3157Abbotsford wedding photographer 001 (Side 1)Abbotsford wedding photographer 002 (Side 2)Abbotsford wedding photographer 003 (Side 3)Abbotsford wedding photographer 004 (Side 4)Abbotsford wedding photographer 005 (Side 5)Abbotsford wedding photographer Angela and Jeramey 006 (Side 6)Abbotsford wedding photographer Angela and Jeramey 007 (Side 7)Abbotsford wedding photographer Angela and Jeramey 008 (Side 8)Abbotsford wedding photographer Angela and Jeramey 009 (Side 9)

Adam and Rayel – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness, where do I begin with this wedding! So many things to say so as usual, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking. Adam and Rayel contacted me at the beginning of the year and after meeting with them I just knew I would love them. They are a kind, generous and incredibly thoughtful couple who have hearts of gold. That was evident as I got to know them and it was confirmed even more on their wedding day as I heard the many, many kind words their friends and family shared. I think God even approves greatly of their union as well because although the forecast was a 100% chance of rain, not a drop fell as we did their photographs after the ceremony. In fact, as the photos will show, it was an absolutely gorgeous day! So, on with the show. Brace yourselves – this maybe the longest post I’ve ever done.

Rayel & Adam 001 (Side 1) Rayel & Adam 002 (Side 2) Rayel & Adam 003 (Side 3) Rayel & Adam 004 (Side 4) Rayel & Adam 005 (Side 5) Rayel & Adam 006 (Side 6) Rayel & Adam 007 (Side 7) Rayel & Adam 008 (Side 8) Rayel & Adam 009 (Side 9) Rayel & Adam 010 (Side 10) Rayel & Adam 011 (Side 11) Rayel & Adam 012 (Side 12) Rayel & Adam 013 (Side 13) Rayel & Adam 014 (Side 14) Rayel & Adam 015 (Side 15) Rayel & Adam 016 (Side 16) Rayel & Adam 017 (Side 17) Rayel & Adam 018 (Side 18) Rayel & Adam 019 (Side 19) Rayel & Adam 020 (Side 20) Rayel & Adam 021 (Side 21) Rayel & Adam 022 (Side 22) Rayel & Adam 023 (Side 23) Rayel & Adam 024 (Side 24) Rayel & Adam 025 (Side 25) Rayel & Adam 026 (Side 26) Rayel & Adam 027 (Side 27) Rayel & Adam 028 (Side 28) Rayel & Adam 029 (Side 29) Rayel & Adam 030 (Side 30) Rayel & Adam 031 (Side 31)