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Christmas Mini Session

Oh, I am so excited! I haven’t done anything like this in years but I was feeling a little creative and wanted to offer some fun mini sessions. The style – West Coast Woodsy Christmas – and there are a few more elements (fun things to sit on) I will be adding before the big day, December 6th.
I am booking up fast so email right away for your spot.

Here is what I currently have available.  ** Edited Nov 13th

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mini session


New Packaging – Abbotsford Photographer

Last winter during the “quiet” season, I was able to update my studio’s flooring, its paint, and the artwork on the walls (I promise photos will come when I get a few more details finished). This winter some of my goals have been to get my new website up and running, to design and produce new packaging materials for my various products, and to update and print my new product guide book. Regrettably, these things all seem to take longer than I first anticipated, but I’m so happy with the end results! The product guide looks fantastic, the new packaging materials look crisp and clean and lovely, and I think my customers will be able to tell how much effort goes into each and every one of their photographs. I have at least three other projects on my plate at the moment and those last few studio updates I want to finish are still in the works, but spring has sprung and they might have to wait till next winter. We’ll have to wait and see! For now, here’s a preview of some of my new packaging, booklets, and materials that we’ll be using sometime in the near future!

New Packaging - Abbotsford Photographer New Packaging - Abbotsford Photographer

Vleeming Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I have enjoyed photographing this awesome family since their oldest was just a little guy. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each of their darling children throughout the years, and I feel as though we’re all going for a play date when we get together! This session was extra special because the Mister and Missus are celebrating their 10 year anniversary, so Momma’s wedding dress was included. She’s still looking incredible and fitting her dress after 10 years and three kids! Congratulations!

Janelle & Andrew – Trash The Dress

When Janelle contacted me about doing her Trash the Dress session I was elated! She and her husband are not only wonderful to photograph, but they were also game for anything. They”enjoy” some rain, some sun, and the brisk sprinkles of a waterfall which all turned this into a very magical session.

Melanie Trash The Dress

Melanie and her husband Richard celebrated their one year anniversary a little early with a Trash the Dress session recently. I was so excited to see them again, and to enjoy the sunny weather in Manning Park. What an amazing view and an even more amazing couple! Melanie’s sister’s wedding is coming soon too, and I can’t wait!

Leanne and Derek – Trash The Dress

I have been so very lucky to do a few Trash the Dress shoots this year. They are a favorite of mine because I just love pushing myself creatively and trying new things. I am also extremely blessed to work with people like Leanne and Derek and they are seriously some of the nicest people in the whole world! I have so much fun every time we get the chance to work together.

Leanne showed up with some awesome fashion accessories and the rest just fell together on the day of the shoot. We had planned a trip to Chilliwack Lake, but it was one of the few summer days that the clouds rolled in. We ended up at Cultus Lake because it was closer and we were loosing light faster than expected. On a whim, we also stopped at the graffiti walls in Abbotsford. Our original plans had completely changed in the end, but it was like it was meant to be. We couldn’t have asked for better skies and dramatic winds! Also, I rarely use off camera flash but packed my strobes just in case and boy oh boy was I happy. My girl Marissa and the groom, Derek, held them when I couldn’t and we made it work. Again, it just seemed meant to be! I am so happy with the results.

Leanne and Derek,  thanks again for being AWESOME!  I just love you guys.

Miriam – Trash The Dress

When Miriam contacted me to do a Trash the Dress shoot I just knew it would be A.MAZ.ING!   Not only is she a dream in front of the camera but she is also game for anything.  We came up with a sunset in the water idea and the rest just worked out perfectly.   The July weather didn’t disappoint and  Miriam rocked the dress like a super model.   I had a little extra fun with textures in processing so it really became more artwork than your typical session.    These photos most definitely define my style and so I thank-you so much Miriam for trusting my vision.   Enjoy!

Miriam really does wow me with her beauty.

The princess and the frog….

Thanks again Miriam!  You are truly beautiful, inside and out.

Breanna – Trash The Dress

Oops!   It’s just occurred to me I’ve been neglecting the blog.   Bad blogger!   I am in my “slow” season so my hubby and I have been throwing ourselves into a home renovation and it’s really taken so much of my time.  I have had the opportunity to take a break from paint and flooring and take some photographs too but  I haven’t even blogged them.  So,  here is goes.  One of my favorites sessions ever; done a few weeks ago.   Enjoy!

Joyce Trash the Dress – My Beautiful Sister

I adore my sister. Truly adore her. Words can not express how grateful am I to have her in my life. We weren’t always such great friends though. There was a time in our past, like those horrible teenage years, that we fought a lot. Thank God we have grown up and come to realize that we are each others truest friend. I was more than excited to photograph her in her wedding dress at our annual family reunion. She is celebrating her 10 year anniversary and wanted to have some fun with the dress. Boy, did we ever have fun. My tummy hurt from laughing so hard. It was work to get her NOT to smile. We were going for a ethereal/Lady of Shallot/enchanted look. I am so happy with the results. Love you sis! Your beauty takes my breath away.

Jenn & Jarad – Trash the Dress

After a quiet month of R&R I’m very excited to get back into the photography grove. To start the season I was super excited to catch up with Jenn and Jarad for a Trash the Dress session. You’ll remember this lovely couple from Summer 2009. This session was all about pushing me creatively. I wanted to do exactly the opposite of what I normally do (soft, pretty, casual, romantic, fun, goofy) and really go wild. My fabulous clients were game for anything so we really had a fantastic time.

Dark and edgy photography, not my usual, but so fun to create.

Dark and edgy is fun but I did want to incorporate some photos that were more “typically” me.

I adore this one!

Junk yards are great places to get a dress dirty!

Jenn was more than willing to play in the mud.

Loved the colours we had to play around with.

There are a few more on Facebook too.