Four Steps to Choosing Your Photo Session Wardrobe

I get questions all the time from clients about wardrobe and I often send them to Pintrest to get ideas. Pintrest is loaded with so many great ideas but this isn’t always the way I approach my own family sessions. I like to keep things really simple. I’m surrounded by boys and, they really don’t love photo sessions let alone dressing up.  With this in mind I made a chart. Four steps to choosing your photo session wardrobe. This makes it easy to pick a wardrobe for your family photo session and make it work with your own personal style.  It also helps to start with picking just two or three main colours and working with a variety of tones.  You’ll see this sample wardrobe is blue, purples and beige and there is a variety of each but in different tones so it’s not too matchy. I hope this helps you design your own wardrobe the next time you have a family photo session.

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Raquel’s Grad – Abbotsford Grad Photographer

Grad season is always fun for me. I love watching the excitement and anticipation on the glowing faces of each student I have the honour of photographing. I also love the pretty dresses that always seem to reflect the wearer’s personality just right. Yes, I’m a little bit girly I admit. Maybe it’s because I’m always surrounded by boys that think a golf shirt and jeans is dressing up! Needless to say, I love the hair and make up, the glitz and glitter and all that comes along with a girl’s end of high school festivities. I’m grateful that in so many ways my job fulfills my fix for all things girly. I will never get that fix in my house full of boys and their toys! 😉 Here’s the radiant Raquel being, well, radiant! Such a perfectly lovely subject. Congratulations Raquel! You’re a gem in front of the camera. All the best with your future endeavors!

Abbotsford Grad Photographer Raquel's Grad Prom 2016 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford Grad Photographer Prom 2016 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford Grad Photographer Prom 2016 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford Grad Photographer Prom 2016 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford Grad Photographer Prom 2016 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford Grad Photographer Raquel's Grad Prom 2016 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford Grad Photographer Prom Raquel's Grad 2016 007 (Side 7)

Year in Review – Abbotsford Portrait Photographer

Well, this is a first! I’ve never done a Year in Review post and although I know things like this usually happen early in January, I thought it was time I tried one for myself! Better late than never, right? I was originally going through photos in order to start a new business Instagram account. I’ve been feeling like I need a new open platform to give clients a sneak peek into some of my work and Instagram seemed like the perfect place to start!  I took a little time (okay, way too much time) going through each and every family, newborn, toddler, maternity, engagement and wedding session I did during the last year and chose one photo from each.  JUST one. That was the really hard part! I get to know these clients so well during our time together that we leave as friends! How am I supposed to pick one picture out of all that fun? Still, I managed to do it, and here is the beautiful result! A little slice of the beautiful memories we made together this past year. Here’s to another great year, everyone! Enjoy!

Abbotsford portrait photographer Year in Review 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford portrait photographer Year in Review 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford portrait photographer 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford portrait photographer 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford portrait photographer 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford portrait photographer 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford portrait photographer 007 (Side 7) Abbotsford portrait photographer 008 (Side 8) Abbotsford portrait photographer 009 (Side 9) Abbotsford portrait photographer 010 (Side 10)

Abbotsford Grad Photographer

This absolutely stunning girl is a dream in front of the camera. We enjoyed a breezy, sunny day before she was off to her prom. The vintage car was a nice touch and completmented her classic pale pink dress. Best of luck with all your future endeavors Kaitlyn!

Abbotsford Grad Photographer 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford Grad Photographer 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford Grad Photographer 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford Grad Photographer 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford Grad Photographer 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford Grad Photographer 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford Grad Photographer 007 (Side 7)

The Falk Family and Josh’s Grad – Abbotsford Family Photographer

If clients need a hand deciding on a location for their photo sessions, I always love to give them a few ideas. I’ve discovered so many wonderful locations over the years to set a pretty scene. It seems like McDonald park is everyone’s favorite lately and I can definitely see why! You can’t help but appreciate the big beautiful trees that tower above the lovely riverside setting. It’s the perfect setting for memorable, beautiful photos. You’ll never hear any complaints from me; I love this place too!

I met up with this awesome family to combine a grad session and family session one warm June night. Mom worked hard to pick out just the right outfits for her family and the colours blended fabulously with the natural background. We started with the classic family photos and then took some time to focus on the new graduate and his incredibly cool choice of props, a classic car.
family photographer 001 (Side 1) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 002 (Side 2) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 003 (Side 3) the Falk Family and Josh's Gradfamily photographer 004 (Side 4) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 005 (Side 5) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 006 (Side 6) the Falk Family and Josh's Grad family photographer 007 (Side 7) the Falk Family and Josh's GradThe Falk Family and Josh’s Grad [/caption]

Brooklyn’s Grad – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Here is a nice collection of photos to celebrate Brooklyn’s Grad. Her dress was fantastic! The first location we photographed was  at was edgy,  colorful and stylishly urban and it made for some fantastic photos. I always love the way pictures on the railroad tracks turn out. We also took some shots in a whimsical field  filled with tall grasses and gorgeous sunset light filtering through the trees. Brooklyn is a wonderful and beautiful person and I wish her every happiness in the future. Brooklyn's Grad Brooklyn's Grad Brooklyn's Grad Brooklyn's Grad Brooklyn's Grad Brooklyn's Grad Brooklyn's Grad Brooklyn's Grad

New Packaging – Abbotsford Photographer

Last winter during the “quiet” season, I was able to update my studio’s flooring, its paint, and the artwork on the walls (I promise photos will come when I get a few more details finished). This winter some of my goals have been to get my new website up and running, to design and produce new packaging materials for my various products, and to update and print my new product guide book. Regrettably, these things all seem to take longer than I first anticipated, but I’m so happy with the end results! The product guide looks fantastic, the new packaging materials look crisp and clean and lovely, and I think my customers will be able to tell how much effort goes into each and every one of their photographs. I have at least three other projects on my plate at the moment and those last few studio updates I want to finish are still in the works, but spring has sprung and they might have to wait till next winter. We’ll have to wait and see! For now, here’s a preview of some of my new packaging, booklets, and materials that we’ll be using sometime in the near future!

New Packaging - Abbotsford Photographer New Packaging - Abbotsford Photographer

Tiana – Abbotsford Grad Photographer

This pretty girl is a shining light among her generation. She is smart, motivated, and has a positively bubbly attitude that brightens the world. She has been shadowing me as I work and it’s been a pleasure to get to know her. Congratulations Tiana! I know you will do great things.

Jordan – Abbotsford Grad Photographer

So Barbie stopped by for some photos the other day. She was looking fabulous as always!

Okay, so actually this is the beautiful, fantastic Jordan who graduated this year and is headed off to the UBC science department. Yes, the girl has brains too. Watch out, world!