The Murphy Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Had a great rainy morning with this fantastic family. Thank goodness for the wooden structure at Ellwood park,  It’s saved a lot of families from rescheduling rainy day sessions.    The rain sure didn’t dampen their smiles and we truly enjoyed ourselves.    I know how eager they are to see the photos so I’ve rushed this post up for them.

Good looking group, I’d say!

The Ennis Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I have taken many photos of this family over the years. I’ve photographed both of their children when they were first born, we’ve done family fall sessions for Christmas and summer sessions in the sun but this one was different. This time they came for photographs to commemorate the life of their wonderful family dog, Sawyer. Sawyer was diagnosed with cancer and has only a short time left with them. It is very bitter sweet to post these photos.

The Seguin Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

This session was torture, torture I tell you! Firstly, the kids were so adorable I almost took them home, second, the parents look even better than they did before having two kids and lastly their home was warm, cozy and beautiful. Wow, no idea how I made it through! Now, I have yet another problem, deciding which images to post. Ah, well, can’t have all good days I guess;)

I arrived at their home a bit early and found this little doll wondering the halls.  There was no way I could sit back and not start shooting!

She warmed up to me in no time and we began a game of chase which gave me boat loads of cute photos before she was even “in wardrobe”!

I finally gave mommy the chance to dress her and do her hair.

Then it was show time.   Heather (aka mommy)  knew exactly what she wanted,  a relaxed fun session with photos showing them being them.  My Favorite!   Them being them is pretty cute, hey?!

Kurt, Michelle & Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Kurt and Michelle have a wonderful blended family that is only all together a few times a year. We have tried in the past to arrange a session but it was really tricky to get all their schedules and mine together. Finally, Kurt called and had an idea over Christmas vacation. I usually take time off but I couldn’t say no to these guys. This session was almost two years in the making!

It was a super cold but beautifully sunny day. They knew exactly what photos they wanted so we worked fast and had a great time.   We managed to get one quick shot with their jackets off.  Kurt chose the awesome shirts for his three oldest sons.

The jackets went on for a few shots after that.

Wow, popping green eyes on these two.

I LOVE these two of Michelle and Kurt.  They didn’t have many photos of them together so they ordered a bunch.

And my favorite shot of the family!  Always the ones where everyone is just having fun.