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2019 at Perfect Moments Photography

This is what 2019 looked like for Perfect Moments Photography. Below are the 168 sessions – 117 outdoor and 51 studio – for our biggest year yet!  It was my desire to grow this business after a conversion I had with my husband in late 2018. Our kids are getting more and more independent and my husband has arranged his life to have additional time at home. This has given me extra time to focus on my passion and career.  […]

Outdoor Family Photography

Outdoor family photography is one of my favorites!  No more posed, stiff and serious photos.  Natural is in.  So, have fun, laugh and enjoy your time.  Let your personalities shine.  When you are able to let go and just be, I’m able to photograph you at your best.  And together, we’ll be able to capture those memories to share with others.  And we’ll have a good time while doing it! Thanks for visiting my page! I am an Abbotsford family […]

Behind the Scenes – Editing Photos Before & After

Who out there doesn’t love a good before and after?! I admit, I love them. I mean, love, love, love them! There is something so utterly satisfying about seeing something not so fabulous turned into something amazing. I especially love renovation before and afters so I hope to post some for the new studio soon – just waiting for everything to be 100% complete. For now, I’ll have a little fun with a session I did last fall. On average, […]

Secret, Secret, I got a Secret.

I have a little secret I never tell my clients. I stress out about photo sessions. Full truth, I worry. I worry about the weather, I worry about the location, I worry about the children, I worry about the colour of the leaves, I worry about the length of the grass…okay, I just worry. I want my client’s sessions to be lovely and stress free. I don’t unload my own worry on them. But, it’s true, deep down inside, I […]

The Adlam Family – Sunset Fall Photo Session

Friendships, like the one I have with this family, are sunshine for the soul.  No matter the struggle, no matter the grief, these folks shine, brightly.  So it was appropriate that they chose to have their session at sunset.  As you can see, they love to laugh and they know how to have fun.  Smiles and joy abound.  Sunshine every time we meet. Thanks for visiting my page! I am an Abbotsford outdoor photographer based in beautiful British Columbia. If […]

Sunrise Fall Family Photos – The Alibhai Family

Yes, you have to get up with the birds to get sunrise family photos.  But seriously, its worth the effort! This family knew how to start their day with joy. Tickles, cuddles, and kisses kept the smiles coming not to mention the fun.  And that’s what I love about lifestyle photography.  I get to see real people do what they do best.  Care for and about each other.  It’s a joy to capture that special look, the playful moment, the […]

Mommy and Me

This is my beautiful friend and her daughter. Photographing “my people” is something incredibly special for me. It fills my heart with joy to watch them interact. When you’re a mom you get a special kind of love.  A love that is generous and unconditional.  A love that binds.  This duo shares that kind of love.  The kind of love that makes you feel secure.  That gives you an identity.  That encourages you to grow up so you too, can […]

Smoke or Fog…I’m going with Fog!

Anyone who’s enjoyed summer in BC these last few years will tell you that we’ve been plagued by horrible forest fire seasons. I am hopeful that eventually, we will see an end to this trend. For now, I will continue to work in it and pretend it’s fog because, really, it can be beautiful (even if it does cause dry throats)! These people didn’t seem to mind much and agreed that the smoke did lend a rather moody feel to […]