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Behind the Scenes – Editing Photos Before & After

Who out there doesn’t love a good before and after?! I admit, I love them. I mean, love, love, love them! There is something so utterly satisfying about seeing something not so fabulous turned into something amazing. I especially love renovation before and afters so I hope to post some for the new studio soon – just waiting for everything to be 100% complete. For now, I’ll have a little fun with a session I did last fall. On average, […]

Extended Family

There’s nothing more rewarding than the fun of an extended family photo session.  Especially when that family loves to be together and knows how to have fun!  Isn’t it obvious they like to play?  It makes my job so much easier when everyone is relaxed and forgets I’m there.  That’s when the magic happens and I’m able to capture incredible candid moments.  I got the height of Dad playing “toss my boy” but I sure wish I could have caught Mom’s […]

Kids & Candy – Tynehead Park Extended Family Session

When all else fails to grab the attention of my littlest models, lollipops save the day!  Who doesn’t like a lollipop?  They are sweet joy on a stick.  And truthfully, I just love making kids smile when they see the treats I bring.  They also gave the littlest models enough energy to make it through all the posing and smiling.  If it’s time for you and your family to come have some fun with me please note –  I usually […]

Abbotsford Extended Family Photographer

Extended families come in all shapes and sizes.  I never know what I’m going to encounter when I meet a new family.  This family, on the other hand, has been near and dear to my photographer’s heart for a while.  They really know how to enjoy each other’s company and know how to play. When you aren’t afraid to look goofy and are able to get lost in the fun, I’m able to capture not only the silliness but also […]

Abbotsford Extended Family Photographer

Extended family photos have scared me in the past. I’ve learned to love them…and bring an assistant. You never know how 3,4,6 or 13 little kids will respond.  I usually tell the adults…just look at me! Never. Look. Away. Never stop smiling.  Then I proceed to attempt to get the kids attention. If the adults do their job 😉 it is much easier to capture what makes each family unique. I now see every extended family as a welcomed challenge.  […]

Let’s press the pause button on summer, shall we?!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or at least one of them! I adore summer. Sunshine is like a magic pill that boosts my happiness. We have a small  problem in this great province of ours though – it usually only lasts about 3 months and I’d like it for about six.  Well, at least I am enjoying it while I can. I’ve had so many warm and golden summer photo sessions. Here is one I did a few […]

Abbotsford Extended Family – Outdoor Family Photographer

Love this park, love the light, love the clothing choices and loved the people. This session was a long time coming for this family. Their grandma had been asking for some photos with her grandkids for years. They finally pulled it off and it went perfectly. I’m so glad we have finally got some good weather on the weekends too!  I sure love this sunshine. Thanks for visiting Perfect Moments Photography. I am based in Abbotsford, BC Canada. If you […]