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Grandchildren – Abbotsford Family Photographer

How about a little sunshine on this cloudy wet day?! Here’s a little session done last fall while the weather was still beautiful. This group of grandchildren were a joy to photograph. If sunny weather isn’t your thing, then you’re in luck! I have lots of winter weather sessions coming soon, and they have a special magic all their own.


Grongberg Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Here’s another catch-up post of a family session taken during autumn last year. The Grongberg Family is one of my favorite clients to work with and I have the pleasure of having photographed them often these past few years. This year beat all because the light that day was to die for! It made for some gorgeous shots. They were all troopers in the cold wind we had that day and it was well worth it to see the incredible end result. You can tell how close this family is by the sweet faces of the kids in these pictures. I can’t wait to see them all again and be a part of their lives as they grow up!Grongberg FamilyGrongberg FamilyGrongberg FamilyGrongberg FamilyGrongberg Family

Brown Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Do you remember the snow? Are you glad it’s gone? I for one am relieved to not have to deal with it! It sure does look pretty for photos though. This is the Brown Family and they chose to brave the frigid winter snows to capture a uniquely beautiful set of photographs! A fantastic detail that makes these shots even better is the light grey they each wore that day. It somehow fills these chilly pictures with warmth and love.

“R” Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

If it seems as though many of the faces on my blog posts are familiar, it’s because they are. This is the Ross Family! I am so blessed with clients who come back again and again, and it’s an honor to capture a small slice of their lives every year and to see how much they’ve grown. I must mention that the lovely woman in this photo is not only a client, but also a great friend of mine. Her precious girls steal my heart every time I see them, which isn’t often enough! For now though, I’ll enjoy their smiling faces in these amazing photographs.

The Koss Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Here is yet another group of fabulous people whom I adore! They’ve been posted all over this blog and on my Facebook many times, and it’s so wonderful to watch their family grow. The little man, Cohen, turned one last fall and I’m so excited to finally share these photos online. If by looking at these photos you get the idea that Cohen is a sweet, adorable, and happy child, then you’re definitely right!

The Vanderhorst Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Well, the dust has settled, and I’ve made it through yet another wedding and fall family photo season. This year was fantastic! I was blessed with many amazing clients and really enjoyed photographing both new and  familiar faces. I’m hoping to blog more of these fun sessions over the next short while. For now, here is a beautiful family that I’ve had the joy of photographing many times before! The last time I photographed them was when their young son was still just a baby. He faced some pretty major health concerns in the last few years but has been steadily improving thanks to lots of support, prayers, and miracles. I’m praying for many blessings to come to this beautiful little family!

Chapman Family 2013 – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I may be a little biased here but isn’t this the most adorable family?!  Yup, it’s my brother, his gorgeous wife, and their sweet son.    My brother seemed to get better looking as his family grew. Isn’t it amazing how standing beside a beautiful girl makes a guy look better?


Vleeming Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I have enjoyed photographing this awesome family since their oldest was just a little guy. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each of their darling children throughout the years, and I feel as though we’re all going for a play date when we get together! This session was extra special because the Mister and Missus are celebrating their 10 year anniversary, so Momma’s wedding dress was included. She’s still looking incredible and fitting her dress after 10 years and three kids! Congratulations!

Jessa Turns One – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Although this session was done back in August, it wouldn’t be right for them to go un-posted! You see, these lovely people have graced this blog numerous times and always look so darn good, that I just can’t stop blogging them now! Happy Birthday sweet Jessa!

Also, congrats to you all on baby number three coming soon!

The Smith Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

It’s that time of year again! It’s fall and I am so excited!  Fall is the perfect season for family photos. I thought I’d kick off Autumn by posting a favorite session done just a few days ago to get everyone in the mood. If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ll know I absolutely love natural, relaxed family photos that involve a lot of playing, running, and having fun. This family sure did that well! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Smiths a few times and it’s always a pleasure. I also love commiserating with other moms with boys of their own.  Active, excitable little balls of energy- I love ’em!