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Year in Review – Abbotsford Portrait Photographer

Well, this is a first! I’ve never done a Year in Review post and although I know things like this usually happen early in January, I thought it was time I tried one for myself! Better late than never, right? I was originally going through photos in order to start a new business Instagram account. I’ve been feeling like I need a new open platform to give clients a sneak peek into some of my work and Instagram seemed like the perfect place to start!  I took a little time (okay, way too much time) going through each and every family, newborn, toddler, maternity, engagement and wedding session I did during the last year and chose one photo from each.  JUST one. That was the really hard part! I get to know these clients so well during our time together that we leave as friends! How am I supposed to pick one picture out of all that fun? Still, I managed to do it, and here is the beautiful result! A little slice of the beautiful memories we made together this past year. Here’s to another great year, everyone! Enjoy!

Abbotsford portrait photographer Year in Review 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford portrait photographer Year in Review 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford portrait photographer 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford portrait photographer 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford portrait photographer 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford portrait photographer 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford portrait photographer 007 (Side 7) Abbotsford portrait photographer 008 (Side 8) Abbotsford portrait photographer 009 (Side 9) Abbotsford portrait photographer 010 (Side 10)

Maggie – Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

Oh, what fun it is to chase a one year old around! This little lady can certainly move. Maggie is already an expert at stairs, she doesn’t have much fear of anything, and is sure giving her attentive momma a run for her money. But, really, who can blame her?! There’s a great big beautiful world out there to explore. Have you seen the lovely flowers starting to show their faces to the sun? Sure, the sun spends a lot of time hiding behind those clouds, but I’m always so happy to see the first flowers of spring and I was quite excited that they’ve even come a little bit early this year, too. We took a little trip to Abbotsford City Hall where the cherry tress were in full bloom and the teal benches and railings have always been a favorite backdrop of mine. Here’s what we captured to celebrate Maggie’s fist magical birthday!

One year old birthday Abbotsford photographer Maggie 001 (Side 1) One year old birthday Abbotsford photographer Maggie 002 (Side 2) One year old birthday Abbotsford photographer Maggie 003 (Side 3) One year old birthday Abbotsford photographer Maggie 004 (Side 4) One year old birthday Abbotsford photographer Maggie 005 (Side 5) One year old birthday Abbotsford photographer Maggie 006 (Side 6) One year old birthday Abbotsford photographer Maggie 007 (Side 7)

One Year Old Luca – Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

Yes,  my blog has been taking a back seat to other things in my life recently.  It’s terrible, I know,  but don’t worry! I’m back now! Here’s a cute little fella that came to the studio last week to celebrate his first birthday.  Just look at those amazing eyes!  Seriously, wow! His siblings and his parents are pretty darn adorable too. We had an awesome time taking these photos together. Happy first birthday little man!   Abbotsford Family Photographer One Year Old Luca 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford Family Photographer One Year Old Luca 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford Family Photographer One Year Old Luca 003 (Side 3)

The Wiebe Family 2015 – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Oh goodness, it feels like just last year I chased around an adorable chubby cheeked little boy named Kaiden. Turns out it was really a few years ago and this handsome little man is now the big brother of a darling baby sister and two twin brothers! I have really loved photographing them over the years and this session brought the same joy to me as always. There’s no joy quite like chasing four kids around on a sunny fall morning. Throw a little red wagon into the mix and you have yourself a recipe for complete bliss! That’s just my photographer’s perspective anyway. I know the parents of small children don’t usually feel the same way. Most tend to think it’s sheer madness but I’ve done this long enough to know that I can capture magic amidst the mayhem. So here’s to a magical morning with charming children! …Oh, and their awesome but over worked parents, too.

Abbotsford Family Photographer Fall 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford Family Photographer Fall 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford Family Photographer Fall 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford Family Photographer Fall The Wiebe Family 2015 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford Family Photographer Fall The Wiebe Family 2015 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford Family Photographer Fall The Wiebe Family 2015 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford Family Photographer Fall The Wiebe Family 2015 007 (Side 7)

Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I had so much fun at the Christmas Mini sessions this year! The weather was truly superb. It was clear, sunny and a little bit crisp out. I couldn’t have asked for better!   Also, my clients are amazing people! I had such a great time catching up with so many of them.   I feel so blessed that many of them come back year after year.

I also loved spending time at Bergan Bro’s Christmas Tree farm in Arnold.  It’s a perfect place to photograph this time of year!  Please check them out of you still need a tree!

Here are some of my favorite photos of the day. Of course, a few of the families’ photos will be “missing” so they can surprise their loved ones with the beautiful photos come this Christmas!

Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 001 (Side 1) Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 002 (Side 2) Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 003 (Side 3) Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 004 (Side 4) Christmas Mini Sessions 005 (Side 5) Christmas Mini Sessions 006 (Side 6) Christmas Mini Sessions 007 (Side 7)Christmas Mini Sessions 008 (Side 8)

The F Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I was first contacted by dad who set up this special family photo session.  What a guy!   Normally it’s the ladies who put effort into photos.  Shout out to this daddy:)

On the day of the session we took a short little walk to get to the perfect location and on the way we had a very nice time getting to know each other. Almost immediately, I could tell that momma was a farm girl, and the awesome cowboy boots she picked out for the shoot were a big hint, too! I just loved them. Baby girl was amazing. She was relaxed and easy to work with, and just so charming! We were lucky, the timing of our photo shoot was so perfect. We caught the last wisps of color on the fall leaves. I really enjoy the way the sun peeks through those last few leaves and the mossy tree branches. I was very happy that momma chose the pretty red jacket for the baby and the classy yellow blazer for herself. Those colors next to the natural colors all around them popped so well! Great choices on the wardrobes!    Enjoy the photos.

Abbotsford Family fall photographer 001 (Side 1)Abbotsford Family fall photographer 002 (Side 2)Abbotsford Family fall photographer 003 (Side 3)Abbotsford Family fall photographer 004 (Side 4)Abbotsford Family fall photographer The F Family 005 (Side 5)Abbotsford Family fall photographer The F Family 006 (Side 6)Abbotsford Family fall photographer The F Family 007 (Side 7)

Big Brothers and Sisters

This is a special post dedicated to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters. They’re a truly wonderful organization that facilitates life-changing relationships that inspire and empower children and youth to reach their potential, both as individuals and citizens, for the rest of their lives.

I have no idea how I first heard about BBBS but when I was a teenager I knew that someday I’d want to be a big sister. I already had a biological sister so I thought – I have experience, they can’t say no 😉   So in my mid twenties I applied for the program and was matched with the amazing and wonderful Rhaelea. We shared many fantastic adventures from giggling lunch dates, family camping trips, sleepovers complete with movies and junk food, homework help, afternoons spent baking, and of course Christmas dinners together. We are now “retired” since at age 18 the program formally ends, but we remain great friends and we still stay involved in so many things. I still love working with this wonderful organization by photographing their annual Christmas party photo booth and this year by also taking some photos for their use in marketing and promotions. It was a beautiful summer evening and I’m delighted with the way the photos turned out!

For anyone out there interested in joining this fantastic organization please see their website here.

Big Brother_s and Sisters 001 (Side 1)Big Brothers and Sisters 002 (Side 2)

In the photo above Rhaelea is the one with the middle with the baseball cap!

Big Brothers and Sisters 003 (Side 3)Big Brothers and Sisters 004 (Side 4)Big Brothers and Sisters 005 (Side 5)Big Brothers and Sisters 006 (Side 6)

The Gronberg Kids 2015 – Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

I could go on and on and on about how much I love photographing these kids and you can see posts on the site backing that claim up over the last 6+ years. I’ve treasured the opportunity to get to know these sweethearts as they grow from babies and toddlers into big kids. When working with them, I may guide them with posing, but really, their personalities shine through and that’s what I think makes great photographs and why I love my job so much. The oldest was even overheard scolding her brother to hurry up because she didn’t want to be late for their session because she “loves her photography sessions”. Seriously, can I ask for better subjects?!

You’ll note we’ve added a vintage feel to these photos too.  I love so many styles and although I aim to have timeless photos,  sometimes it’s fun to add a little extra texture. Enjoy!

fall kids photography 001 (Side 1) fall kids photography 002 (Side 2) fall kids photography 003 (Side 3) fall The Gronberg kids photography 004 (Side 4) fall The Gronberg kids photography 005 (Side 5) fall kids photography 006 (Side 6) fall The Gronberg kids 2015 photography 007 (Side 7) fall The Gronberg kids 2015 photography 008 (Side 8) fall The Gronberg kids 2015 photography 009 (Side 9)

Newborn baby Jackson – Abbotsford Outdoor Newborn Photographer

When this awesome momma contacted me for photos she was really hoping to enjoy the great outdoors with her little troop of cuties. Thankfully, the weather co-operated and we headed “into the bush” to capture some truly colourful autumn newborn and family photos. The kids loved it and enjoyed many fun moments with their parents – including daddy shaking a tree and making it rain leaves on their heads. The newest addition to their family, who was cuddled snug as a bug in a rug, slept almost the whole time! Such a bonus for me as the photographer who had visions of a woodland baby in a basket.  A special shout out to my creative sister who made the basket for me too.  It’s been used quite a bit over the years and it’s aging quite nicely!  Enjoy the cuteness and the colours!

Outdoor newborn photography 001 (Side 1) Outdoor newborn photography 002 (Side 2) Outdoor newborn photography 003 (Side 3) Outdoor newborn photography 004 (Side 4) Outdoor newborn photography 005 (Side 5) Outdoor newborn photography 006 (Side 6)outdoor newborn2outdoor newborn2

The Anema Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Yay, we have some brand new faces on the blog! It was really great meeting and spending some time with this lovely family. The boys were so full of fabulous energy when we met (yes, I truly love energetic kids!) and their darling little girl was just the sweetest little thing. Mom and dad really brought energy to the session too, and they were chasing and tossing their precious kids around.  We spent some time playing in the fields of McKay Creek trail and catching the last bit of colour on the trees.  Here are some of my favorites!

Abbotsford Family Photographer Anema Family 2 001 (Side 1) Abbotsford Family Photographer Anema Family 2 002 (Side 2) Abbotsford Family Photographer Anema Family 2 003 (Side 3) Abbotsford Family Photographer Anema Family 2 004 (Side 4) Abbotsford Family Photographer Anema Family 2 005 (Side 5) Abbotsford Family Photographer Anema Family 2 006 (Side 6) Abbotsford Family Photographer Anema 2 007 (Side 7) Abbotsford Family Photographer 2 008 (Side 8)