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Lily & Tanner – Abbotsford Children Photographer

I absolutely love bright fall colours and I love cute kids. The combination together is priceless. Here are a few favorites of some cuties I got to play with this last week.

The Brown Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Some of my favorite people stopped by this week for family photos. It was a little wet and rainy outside so we opted for a studio session. They brought the sunshine in the form of adorable daughters. I keep asking the girls if I can keep them and their parents keep taking them back! Oh well, one of these days I’ll win!

Okazaki Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Another family session last week that involved gorgeous children.  If I wasn’t a photographer,  I think I would have been a kindergarten teacher.  I adore children and I’m so happy my job gives me the chance to play with cuties like these.   As usual,  I wanted to kidnap them at the end of the session.  They wanted to come with me too and made themselves at home in the back seat of my car.   If only their parents and given up and let them stay;)

The cute couple responsible for the cute kids.  I went to high school with Glenna and she hasn’t changed a bit!   I’m a little jealous.

The Siemens Family – Abbotsford Family

I really enjoy working with families, especially families with cute children and funny teenagers. The teenage boys were relaxed and incredibly good in front of the camera. Not a usual thing for teenage boys, might I add!     Throw in an adorable little boy and what a fun time I had!

The Falk Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

This weekend I met some friends for a fun little session at the park.  I always enjoy working with my friends.  I get to play with their kids and catch up.   Great way to start a busy weekend of session.

The Krahn Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I have been blessed to call these people neighbors for the past 8 or so years. In that time they’ve had five great kids who are each unique and beautiful and I always enjoy spending time with them. At our session this week we caught some soft evening light.

Note:  The photo on the left leads to the photo on the right 😉

Stunning, aren’t they!?

After the more formal poses it was time for some fun.   The kids were given permission to get a little dirty in the leaves.

Dog Pile!

The Goddard/Gronberg Families – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Well, look at me! Keeping up with my blogging. Don’t get to use to it. Although I always have the best intentions, sometimes life gets away from me.
Here is a happy, happy, happy AND fun family. I’ve photographed the kiddios numerous time (see here, here, here and here) but I was really excited that this time they brought their entire family,  well almost.

The whole idea of this session was to just play with the kids.   First Grandpa had some fun….

Then came Grandma.

Grandparents together.

And then along came Uncle.

And Auntie!

By the time it was their parents turn to “play” the kids were almost tuckered out!

See,  very tired little man. Next time I’ll have to tell those relatives to go easier on the little one;)

We had avoided the river, at first, because the sun was so high in the sky.  Later in the day is was perfect.

Ishara Turns One – Abbotsford Children’s photographer

My good friends Tamara and Natalie stopped by yesterday to have a little fun with our cameras. Tamara’s youngest turned one a while ago and we snapped a few shots of her to celebrate. I had to have the naked baby shots, they are too adorable. Thanks for letting me use your gorgeous daughter Tamara!

Jack Turns Five

My youngest turned five last week.  FIVE!   I know it’s been said a billion times but they really do grow up too quickly.   I am longing for another little one to hold but I’m enjoying every second with the two beautiful boys I have.   They are so full of life,  their energy constantly amazes me and their smiles still make my heart sing.  Here are some (okay a ton) of photos from our quick little session.  Note the new bubble logos on the corners.  More about this soon~

I think this images will be turning into a canvas!  You’ll notice I left the scratch on his forehead when I’ll often photo shop things like this out.   I also let him wear his very worn and dirty spider-man runners.  He even chose the shirt!  Why, you might ask?   Don’t you want a perfect picture with everything  just right?   Well,  to me,  this is perfection!  This is my Jack. The boy who always has some sort of bump on his forehead,  who loves his spider-man shoes, and who’s smile is so big and contagious I melt just seeing it.  He’s inspired me and I’m very excited to talk more about that .  For now,  enjoy the photos!

He gets his eyes from his oma and daddy.

He gets his sass from me!

My oldest wanted to model too.  He does it the only way he know how.  Tough!

The battle begins!

The boys know that when their birthdays come around they get a photo session and of course a treat.   If they behave during the session,  they get to get high on sugar after.

More sass here.

These pictures show them as they truly are!   Full of energy and a little crazy.   Ummm… remind you of anyone?

Andy is 6 and Jack is five,  as you can plainly see.

Sucker time!

This shot make me howl!

And now, back the inspiration I was writing about earlier.  For a while now I’ve had a million ideas floating around in my head and I’ve been saving them for just the right time.   I wanted to make sure I didn’t dedicate too much time to my work and neglect my most important job as mommy.   Well,  the youngest will start Kindergarten on Monday (not full time as most will this year, thankfully) and they are needing my constant attention less and less.  This gives me a little more time and with that time I’m very excited to introduce Perfect Moments Kids.  A division of Perfect Moments Photography specifically designed to capture your precious children.  The main concept is to capture them, who they truly are; the child who loves his blanket, who laughs with a lopsided grin,  who wears mismatched socks,  who sometimes looks as though she’s contemplating world peace, who loves to jump and run, who adores butterflies or the little boy who wants to be a fireman.  By letting Jack be Jack he inspired me to remember what I love most about photographing kids, capturing kids being kids. None of this overly posy stuff.    Just me, them and my camera on a play date.

This concept will be fully launched by the end of November so stay tuned for the details.   There will be free sessions up for grabs to!

The Reimer Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I enjoyed a warm and beautiful evening with this happy little family.  They aren’t strangers to my camera and it’s always fun working with them.  I was introduced to their new baby girl and she is as charming and gorgeous as her siblings.