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Family Adventures at the Stream

This session was done at a local Abbotsford park and the kids were given free reign of the place. My job was to chase them down with my camera capturing as many photographs as I could. I love photographing families this way. We can capture the kids being themselves and having fun. Family photography is always best when we can make the event enjoyable for all the subject.  Thanks for visiting my page! I am an Abbotsford family photographer based […]

What to Expect at Your One Year Old’s Cake Smash

There’s no birthday quite as celebrated as your child’s first. And, the new-ish tradition, to photograph a cake smash, is a super fun way to celebrate this day. As a parent, you’ll probably know these little darlings are anything but predictable. You just never know what you’ll get when you put a baby, some decorations and cake in front of a lady with a camera. So, here’s a little bit about what to expect at your child’s cake smash. 1. […]