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Newborn baby Jackson – Abbotsford Outdoor Newborn Photographer

When this awesome momma contacted me for photos she was really hoping to enjoy the great outdoors with her little troop of cuties. Thankfully, the weather co-operated and we headed “into the bush” to capture some truly colourful autumn newborn and family photos. The kids loved it and enjoyed many fun moments with their parents – including daddy shaking a tree and making it rain leaves on their heads. The newest addition to their family, who was cuddled snug as a bug in a rug, slept almost the whole time! Such a bonus for me as the photographer who had visions of a woodland baby in a basket.  A special shout out to my creative sister who made the basket for me too.  It’s been used quite a bit over the years and it’s aging quite nicely!  Enjoy the cuteness and the colours!

Outdoor newborn photography 001 (Side 1) Outdoor newborn photography 002 (Side 2) Outdoor newborn photography 003 (Side 3) Outdoor newborn photography 004 (Side 4) Outdoor newborn photography 005 (Side 5) Outdoor newborn photography 006 (Side 6)outdoor newborn2outdoor newborn2

It’s Time! Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas Mini Sessions 2015

I’m so excited to head to a local Christmas Tree farm this year to really get into the spirit of the season. I have only a few open spots left for my Christmas Mini Sessions! Wintery photos are so much fun, and these shorter sessions are perfect for the busy season. Email to book your spot soon!

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Baby Mason – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

This quickly growing family is extra precious and wonderful to my boys and I. My husband met this classy gentleman back when they were just kids in elementary school and they’ve been great friends ever since. When he married the lovely Elyse, I couldn’t have been happier for him! She’s sweet and kind and absolutely awesome! I just adore every thing about that beautiful lady, and they’re a perfect match for each other. They just welcomed their third darling child into the world, and we celebrated the occasion with a special photo session with the whole family. Their other two kids are so sweet and adorable, it was such a joy to spend time with them and see them bond with their new little sibling. It’s always a special joy to be able to work with people that already mean so much to me, and to be part of  such an important moment in their lives. Nice to meet you, Baby Mason! I can’t wait to watch you grow up!


Outdoor Newborn photography Baby Mason 001 (Side 1) Outdoor Newborn photography Baby Mason 002 (Side 2) Outdoor Newborn photography Baby Mason 003 (Side 3) Outdoor Newborn photography Baby Mason 004 (Side 4) Outdoor Newborn photography Baby Mason 005 (Side 5)

Baby E – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

I thought that I’d take a little time and sneak in a quick post of this handsome little fellow! Little Baby E and his beautiful family joined me in enjoying a breezy but lovely August afternoon at a nearby park. This time of year was so wonderful because we had so much stunning summer weather.  We took precious photographs outside to take advantage of it!   It got a little too chilly with the wind for any naked shots, so we took our happy little model and headed back to the warmth of the studio.  What a snugly,  little charmer, he even offered up a few smiles.

Outdoor Newborn photos Baby E 001 (Side 1) Outdoor Newborn photos Baby E 002 (Side 2) Outdoor Newborn photos 003 Baby E (Side 3) Outdoor Newborn photos 004 (Side 4)

Luke – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

The beautiful ladies of the Vanderwal family are having such lovely little babies recently and this one’s another sweet farm boy. Little Luke is the handsome cousin of this young lad here. I took a visit to the family farm and momma and grandma provided us with some fun and unique props! Mom and dad were looking super proud the whole time, just as they should be. Their new son is charming and sweet. He was so easy to work with the whole time! I love watching these wonderful families grow and enter new and exciting stages in their lives.

Outdoor Newborn Photography Luke 001 (Side 1) Outdoor Newborn Photography Luke 002 (Side 2) Outdoor Newborn Photography Luke 003 (Side 3) Outdoor Newborn Photography Luke 004 (Side 4)

Kaleb – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

You’ll remember this couple from their wedding pictures. It isn’t every day your photo shoot includes a big cheerful cow in them, but that’s just this couple’s style. I adore these two, and now they have a little boy named Kaleb, and guess what? I adore him too! These photos were taken on the family dairy farm on a gorgeous day, and it was the perfect setting for this new family to mark the occasion. I always enjoy visiting with them just as much as I enjoy taking their photos. It was a really special time for the family because within weeks of Kaleb’s own sweet debut, this little man got a new cousin, too! Pictures of that tiny little bundle of handsome will be posted up here soon!

Their wedding photos included bikes so it was truly awesome to include one again – only this time carrying precious cargo in the basket.

Kaleb H 001 (Side 1) Kaleb H 002 (Side 2) Kaleb H 003 (Side 3) Kaleb H 004 (Side 4)

Baby Eva – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

Here’s another session with a familiar couple (See their maternity photos and family photos here) and an adorable new addition! Baby Eva was 10 days late coming into the world, but when she was finally ready to greet the world, her parents were so proud and touched by the miracle of her birth. Poor momma had a long, tough labour, but she was a trooper and being able to hold this precious little bundle at the end made it all worthwhile.

Eva was a perfect model for her very first photography session. She was so sweet and sleepy! She slept well in between feedings, and we had no trouble getting adorable pictures of the little angel. Mom bought the white tutu for the occasion, and I think it suited little Eva so perfectly. Momma had the idea to include mommy’s and daddy’s wedding rings in some of the photos.  We had a marvelous time and the pride this amazing couple had in their precious daughter was touching to see.

EVA NEWBORN 001 Baby Eva Abbotsford Newborn Photographer (Side 1) EVA NEWBORN Baby Eva Abbotsford Newborn Photographer 002 (Side 2) EVA NEWBORN Baby Eva Abbotsford Newborn Photographer 003 (Side 3) EVA NEWBORN Baby Eva Abbotsford Newborn Photographer 004 (Side 4)

Saaya Turns One – Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

It seems like just yesterday I was taking photos of a gorgeous newborn baby Saaya. Time really does fly right by when they’re so young! Now little Saaya turns one year old and I got to mark the fantastic event with some beautiful photos! None of us were quite sure how the day would go because Saaya and her family had been pretty sick lately, and nobody really felt 100% yet. It was so wonderful when we ended up with so many lovely pictures anyway! She was a real trooper, and no little one can resist making a mess with a cupcake.

No two photo sessions are ever the same, but it’s always fantastic when a bad circumstance doesn’t ruin a beautiful day! Saaya was absolutely natural in front of the camera. She was so curious of everything around her, as any one year old would be. That’s the kind of photograph I love to take! I like seeing the little ones being themselves, exploring and playing around, and she certainly did plenty of that!

Saaya Turns One Abbotsford Children's Photographer 001 (Side 1) Saaya Turns One Abbotsford Children's Photographer 002 (Side 2) Saaya Turns One Abbotsford Children's Photographer 003 (Side 3) Saaya Turns One 004 (Side 4)

The Gregg Kids – Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

Oh, happy, happy spring! I’m so glad for all of this gorgeous sunshine; I thrive best in weather like this! It’s most definitely something that feeds my soul as well as my creativity. That, along with sweet, adorable, loveable, edible, charming children makes a perfect day in my book!

These beautiful little boys, the “Gregg” kids, are an absolute treat to photograph and we enjoyed the warm, pleasant weather together last week. As usual, they were perfect little subjects and they even invited a girl to their party, their darling little cousin Maggie! It was smiles all around. She had a wonderful time with her cousins. Here are some favorites from our beautiful day together. Enjoy!

Maverick abbotsford The Gregg Kids photographer 001 (Side 1) Maverick abbotsford The Gregg Kids photographer 002 (Side 2) Maverick abbotsford The Gregg Kids photographer 003 (Side 3) Maverick abbotsford The Gregg Kids photographer 004 (Side 4)

Cousin Maggie in all her perfection! Maverick abbotsford The Gregg Kids photographer 005 (Side 5)

And,  just a reminder we have a few spots left for our Shooting for Success Boot Camp!      It starts in just a few weeks so contact me today:)

Flyer SforS Final_1 The Gregg Kids advertisement for photography class boot camp business advice session

One is Fun! – Abbotsford Children’s Photography

I knew this precious little lady was going to be a sweetheart before she was even born because her parents are both kind, wonderful people! I always enjoy watching little ones grow and develop over time in their own beautifully unique ways. You can already tell she’s going to be quite the nature lover just like her farmer mamma and daddy. She’s a tiny little ball of energy, and she’s very observant of her new wonderful world. Walking, running, climbing things, nothing’s gonna stop this little firecracker!

We celebrated her birthday at Corbould Park in Chillwack. Her crafty mommy made her such a stunning birthday cake! In no time at all she had it everywhere, but you can tell that she absolutely loved it.

Isla One is Fun Year 001 (Side 1) Isla One Year 002 (Side 2) Isla One Year 003 (Side 3) Isla One Year 004 (Side 4) Isla One Year 005 (Side 5) Isla One is Fun Year 006 (Side 6) Isla One is Fun Year 007 (Side 7)