Baby Kaiden and Cousins Alyshia & Maddy – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I did this little session before the holidays and didn’t have a chance to post it. Recently, I’ve learned that this adorable, sweet little boy was admitted to the hospital with an unknown medical condition. The doctors thought they had it diagnosed and started treatments but that has failed and now he will be sent to Children’s hospital. Please keep this precious little boy, Kaiden, in your prayers.

Here are his beautiful cousins who visit my studio often.

Studio Updates

I’ve been meaning to update my studio for quite some time now. I managed to squeeze in a little time about a month ago and here are the results.

I’ve been collecting baskets and blankets for a while and as you can see,  I have room for about two more on the wall.   Bring me your babies!

My hat  and touque collection is growing too and more are in the process of being made.

Baby Kenzie – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

I think I’ve felt my calling as a newborn photographer! I absolutely love it.   Okay, I guess I really love weddings…..and kids…..oh and engagements… and families…..guess I’m going to have to keep doing it all:) Here is yet another doll that stopped by for some photos to celebrate being born. What a great way to celebrate! She brought her cute parents too who made for some attractive subjects as well. I did post a couple more here too.

Baby Ashley – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

This two week old angel was a sleepy head when I went to visit her this week. Yay! Sleeping newborns are the easiest to pose and they just look so angelic. Thanks Ashley.  I’ll be posting more on the Facebook group too.

Ashley’s big sister Brooklyn was a model herself.

Although posing with her sister wasn’t as much fun,  we did manage to capture a few shots of them together.

After the indoor home session we headed outdoors to the fields.

Might be my favorite shot here.

Congratulations to my dear friend Angela on another gorgeous daughter.

Baby Girl Noemie – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

My, my how time flies! The older you get, the quicker it goes by. I sometimes wish pushing the pause button was an option. Just another great reason to take pictures of your babies often. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family quite a few times, beginning with their first pregnancy. Now they have welcomed baby number two and she is just as perfect and adorable as her older brother.

I heart this image.   What a beautiful family!

Aedan is a fantastic big brother and  he is very gentle with his sister.  Thanks Aedan!

Baby Girl Allianna

After about a month and a half of trying to schedule a session I finally got to meet this little perfect child last week. She is gorgeous! Don’t you just want to squish her?!

Her handsome big brother came along too and he stole my heart again!  You’re remember him from the maternity session here.

We had a beautiful Saturday without rain and got to have some time in the park too. Yay!

Great to see you all again!

My friend’s Baby

I am thrilled to announce that my good friend Angela welcomed another beautiful daughter earlier this week.   I visited them  in the hospital yesterday and had to snap a few photos.  There will be an actual newborn session coming soon too.

I was excited to use the purple walls in the room she had.  Worked great for a new baby girl!