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Baby Audrey – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

Last weekend this little angel came for a visit at the studio. Isn’t she beautiful!

And then she got mad;)

Truthfully,  she was a gem!   Look at those eyes.

A little sleepy time.

Lastly,  a little monkey came for a visit.   They are best friends I’d say!

Baby Kaitlyn – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

I love baby’s expressions. They make the cutest face and this little girl was just darling!

Baby Rhys – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

This little charmer was the most perfect bundle of joy a photographer could as for.  I really do have the best job in the world. He is most definitely adorable, sweet and happy to boot.

Baby A – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

This baby may not be exactly a newborn, more like a month and a half old, but she posed so well anyway!  What a happy and gorgeous child.

The Seguin Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

This session was torture, torture I tell you! Firstly, the kids were so adorable I almost took them home, second, the parents look even better than they did before having two kids and lastly their home was warm, cozy and beautiful. Wow, no idea how I made it through! Now, I have yet another problem, deciding which images to post. Ah, well, can’t have all good days I guess;)

I arrived at their home a bit early and found this little doll wondering the halls.  There was no way I could sit back and not start shooting!

She warmed up to me in no time and we began a game of chase which gave me boat loads of cute photos before she was even “in wardrobe”!

I finally gave mommy the chance to dress her and do her hair.

Then it was show time.   Heather (aka mommy)  knew exactly what she wanted,  a relaxed fun session with photos showing them being them.  My Favorite!   Them being them is pretty cute, hey?!

“R” Family Photos – Abbotsford Family Photography

This rainy weather has given me lots of opportunities to use my studio and boy, am I glad I have one! Although I really enjoy outdoor sessions, studio work is always classic and really focuses all the attention on the subjects, and here are some fabulous subjects!

Baby Kaiden and Cousins Alyshia & Maddy – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I did this little session before the holidays and didn’t have a chance to post it. Recently, I’ve learned that this adorable, sweet little boy was admitted to the hospital with an unknown medical condition. The doctors thought they had it diagnosed and started treatments but that has failed and now he will be sent to Children’s hospital. Please keep this precious little boy, Kaiden, in your prayers.

Here are his beautiful cousins who visit my studio often.

The Ball Family – Abbotsford Newborn Photographer

This little man was very late arriving but was sure worth the wait! All soft and cuddly, I really enjoyed spending the evening with him and his parents.

I love babies little scrunchy faces. Adorable.

After a short nap he woke up and we had a chance to capture his beautiful eyes.

Studio Updates

I’ve been meaning to update my studio for quite some time now. I managed to squeeze in a little time about a month ago and here are the results.

I’ve been collecting baskets and blankets for a while and as you can see,  I have room for about two more on the wall.   Bring me your babies!

My hat  and touque collection is growing too and more are in the process of being made.

Baby Kenzie – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

I think I’ve felt my calling as a newborn photographer! I absolutely love it.   Okay, I guess I really love weddings…..and kids…..oh and engagements… and families…..guess I’m going to have to keep doing it all:) Here is yet another doll that stopped by for some photos to celebrate being born. What a great way to celebrate! She brought her cute parents too who made for some attractive subjects as well. I did post a couple more here too.