Studio Updates

I’ve been meaning to update my studio for quite some time now. I managed to squeeze in a little time about a month ago and here are the results.

I’ve been collecting baskets and blankets for a while and as you can see,  I have room for about two more on the wall.   Bring me your babies!

My hat  and touque collection is growing too and more are in the process of being made.

Kira & Travis – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

I knew Kira and Travis’ wedding was going to be great when I met the couple  last fall.  I still remember sitting down with them and Kira’s mom, Sharon, and laughing the entire meeting.   You just can’t help but like these people.  Their wedding sure didn’t disappoint!    It poured,  I mean poured rain but the excitements and joy of the day wasn’t damped one bit.   Shayna and I were honoured to be a part of this wonderful affair.

Kira is breathtaking.

And Travis is quite handsome himself.

The girls were super in front of the camera!

And the boys made me howl.

On with the gorgeousness!

I’ve been dreaming of photos like these for a while .  Unfortunately (or fortunately, which ever way you want to look at it) I haven’t had a wedding rained out in the last few years.  I have to say I was excited to shoot in the rain and Kira and Travis were fantastic.

More to come!

The Krahn Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

I have been blessed to call these people neighbors for the past 8 or so years. In that time they’ve had five great kids who are each unique and beautiful and I always enjoy spending time with them. At our session this week we caught some soft evening light.

Note:  The photo on the left leads to the photo on the right 😉

Stunning, aren’t they!?

After the more formal poses it was time for some fun.   The kids were given permission to get a little dirty in the leaves.

Dog Pile!

The Goddard/Gronberg Families – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Well, look at me! Keeping up with my blogging. Don’t get to use to it. Although I always have the best intentions, sometimes life gets away from me.
Here is a happy, happy, happy AND fun family. I’ve photographed the kiddios numerous time (see here, here, here and here) but I was really excited that this time they brought their entire family,  well almost.

The whole idea of this session was to just play with the kids.   First Grandpa had some fun….

Then came Grandma.

Grandparents together.

And then along came Uncle.

And Auntie!

By the time it was their parents turn to “play” the kids were almost tuckered out!

See,  very tired little man. Next time I’ll have to tell those relatives to go easier on the little one;)

We had avoided the river, at first, because the sun was so high in the sky.  Later in the day is was perfect.

Baby Kenzie – Abbotsford Baby Photographer

I think I’ve felt my calling as a newborn photographer! I absolutely love it.   Okay, I guess I really love weddings…..and kids…..oh and engagements… and families…..guess I’m going to have to keep doing it all:) Here is yet another doll that stopped by for some photos to celebrate being born. What a great way to celebrate! She brought her cute parents too who made for some attractive subjects as well. I did post a couple more here too.

Christmas is Coming! Get your orders in soon.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I know I haven’t but it’s getting to be that time again. Parents and grandparents always love getting photos of their family. Why not consider an album or canvas that they can brag about? How about your Christmas cards? Why not personalize them this year by sending out a custom designed photo card.

If you’d like to place any orders for the Christmas season I will need disc, print and Christmas card orders in by November 5th to guarantee delivery. Any orders for albums and canvas will need to be in by October 30th.

Brittany & Matt – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Brittany and Matt had a hot and sunny Saturday wedding in September.    The forecast had called for 10 millimeters of rain but I think they must have some pull with The Man Upstairs because it was an awesome day.    I did post a few of this couple earlier (see here)

Aren’t these two adorable?!   The little ring bearer reminded me of my son Jack earlier this year at my brother’s wedding.   This little guy didn’t look too thrilled either to carry those rings.   It’s a tough job you know!

The glowing bride,  literally!

Gotta love the shoes.

Thanks Natalie for the shot on the right.

A rather gorgous group,  I’d have to say.

Yes,  he stole my heart.   Such a character!

Pretty girls,  check!   Glowing back lighting,  check.  Happy photographer,  check, check!

Natalie handled the boys for me this wedding.   Loving her shot on the left.   Little sass from the girls on the right.  Work it!

I ♥  these images.  Feel the love?!

We took a trip to some  railway tracks and the party began.

Um,   yes,  the skies rocked.

I “stole”  this shot of Natalie’s.  Had to post it because it’s the awesomest. (yes,  that’s my new word,  just made it up)   Thanks Nat!

The End.   (or should I say begining?!)

Congrats you two!  You are fabulous to work with!

Cecilia & Steve – Abbotsford Family Photograher

It’s the beginning of the Autumn photo session season and I was super excited to kick  it off with some fabulous clients.   I first met Cecilia and Steve about three years ago when I shot their wedding.  Since then Cecilia has started her own photography business and I’ve enjoyed spending some time with her on our last Photo Chicks outing.

Here are some fun images we captured this weekend.

They both have gorgeous coloured eyes.

Hello,  Beautiful!

Thanks for the fun morning guys!