About Us

Anita Chapman – The Photographer

I am honored to have the opportunity to share my passion with you.  I am a portrait photographer working out of- but never limiting myself to- the beautiful city of Abbotsford, BC, and  I love, love, love what I do. I have two boys and a handsome husband who are my heart and soul. I can’t live without jeans, coffee, running, hiking, camping, sunshine, chocolate, and most of all, God.

I’ve been blessed to be able to follow my passion and do what I love for over 15 years. My business started as many photographers do, by nurturing a lifelong hobby,  and I now work full-time pursuing that passion.

One of the best aspects of my job is getting to interact with people during very special moments of their lives. I lose my heart to endearing 1 year olds, laugh loudly at goofy teenager antics, and hold on tightly to sweet little newborns. It is always such an honor to be a part of these beautiful moments. I also love having fun and making a complete fool of myself by jumping up and down, climbing over fences, balancing on bridges and doing absolutely whatever it takes to get that perfect shot. So if you want a photographer who is full of energy and passion, I’d be excited to meet with you.

The Team

Last, but not least, are the other wonderful women who share their time and talents with me while I photograph newborns and extended families. From right to left Victoria, Tena, Anita, Marissa and Tiana.  These three ladies are a huge help and are willing to hang out with me for an hour or three when I need it.  They wrangle little kids, squeak toys, pass lenses and add extra safety spotting all newborn sessions.