What to Expect at Your One Year Old’s Cake Smash

There’s no birthday quite as celebrated as your child’s first. And, the new-ish tradition, to photograph a cake smash, is a super fun way to celebrate this day. As a parent, you’ll probably know these little darlings are anything but predictable. You just never know what you’ll get when you put a baby, some decorations and cake in front of a lady with a camera. So, here’s a little bit about what to expect at your child’s cake smash.

1. Expect Them to Not Like Cake (or icing)

You’d think every one year old would be ecstatic to taste their first sampling of sugar but sadly, some aren’t. The good news is that although they might not love it, you get photos of them not loving it! And, they can be pretty funny anyway. It’s them and who they are, someone who might not like cake (or at least not like getting their hands dirty) and that’s okay. We often get many great photos before the cake is even introduced. Here are some photos of kids who didn’t love their cake but looked great anyway.

2. Expect the Unexpected

If you’ve ever heard the saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink, it applies nicely to the kiddos at cake smashes. You can lead a kid to cake but you can’t make them eat;)  Some kids are more interested in running away from the cake than eating it. But, I am patient and will continue to guide them back, giving them samples and showing them that yes indeed, the cake is good. This little guy was a runner (or technically a crawler) but we convinced him to play long enough to get some really fun photos before he tipped the cake on its head.  Given his lack of love for cake we thought we’d share it with his sister. Turned out,  he did not like sharing either.

3. Expect to Get Dirty

Yes, let’s face it, most kids love sugar and introducing it to them can be really fun for both of you. To enhance the chances of you both enjoying this moment here are a few tips.  First, make sure the cake and icing aren’t cold. It’s harder to break apart and eat.  Second, break open the cake to let the child try the cake, not just the icing. Some kids like cake more than icing. Third, be prepared with cleaning equipment! I always have towels and wet wipes on hand but it’s also a good idea, as the parent, to make sure you’re wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. You never know when your messy child will launch themselves into your arms after devouring a cake. Below are kids who didn’t need much convincing to enjoy their cakes and sometimes got a little dirty in the process.

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