Why Candid Family Photography Isn’t Really Candid

I love relaxed and fun photography and many of my clients want this candid look for their photos, too. In reality, candid family photos sessions are not exactly candid at all. Technically speaking, candid means to “take a photo informally, especially without the subject’s knowledge”. But, I’m guessing that when you’re at your photo session, you know you’re getting your photo taken! So, how do I get my photos to look candid?  I actually have to spend some time directing the subjects of my shot.  I know, then it’s not a truly candid moment but unless you’d like me to follow you around, hiding in bushes and taking your photos, it’s what I have to do!

To get that candid look, I might say, “Have a seat on that log”.  Once you’re seated, I say something funny (or really, ridiculous) and I snap a photo of the subject laughing (at me).  Or I say, “Hold hands, walk towards me and look at each other”.  And when the couple says something funny to each other trying to get rid of the awkwardness, I snap the photo of them laughing.  The candid moments are there but they are in the unpredictably of how each person will act or react to my direction. These are the magic moments I’ve mentioned in other posts. I love these moments.  You may have thought I bring the expertise and do the hard work, but actually,  it’s really you!  You and your family bring the magically candid moments and those moments are the best.

Here are some photos that highlight a fun and relaxed family who gave me many delightful “candid” moments.

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