5 Ways to Have a Fun Family Photo Session

You’ve contacted your photographer, booked your session, changed the date due to rainstorms, bought clothes, returned clothes, bought new clothes, changed your husband’s work schedule, cried when the three year old got a giant bruise on his head and now, it’s finally here, family photo day!  Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about the work that goes into a family session!  If you’re anything like me, you really, really love great photos but you don’t love the work that goes into them. Thanks to my many failing moments as a mom in FRONT of the camera (as well as behind) I’ve come up a short list of things I think will help almost any parent navigate the wonderful world of family photo sessions.  From one hard working parent to another, we got this!

1. Prep your family – Have them fed, watered and clothed (okay, that’s a given).  But really, I also suggest to prepare them mentally. I’m sure most of you do this but just in case here it is – tell them about it. Like, a million times! Even the husbands (especially the husbands!). Give them a shorthand, age appropriate list of what to expect. Okay, don’t type the list. Just a quick verbal one will do 🙂

2. Just Relax – Let’s face it, it takes so much work to wrangle all your troops and get them to the location, by the time you get there, most people are tired and stressed. But, to get those fun, relaxed and magical moments, being stressed isn’t the best way to start. Just remember, you’re not just taking photos, you’re making memories. If little Joey doesn’t want to smile it won’t change the fact that little Joey is adorable and lovable all the same. Pick your battles and try to enjoy the ride. The kids will likely enjoy it all the more if their parents are laughing through the process too.

3. Let the Magic Happen – My favourite photos are often the ones that aren’t really perfect but the emotion captured makes them magical.  Such as the third photo below of the the child kissing his brother’s head while his sister reaches down to pull the hair of her other brother. These are the candid moments that capture the magic of childhood. And, this can happen when you let yourselves just go with the flow.

4.  You don’t Have to be the Boss – As a photographer, it’s nice to have parents give their kids a little warm guidance. And, it’s best when it’s just that; little and warm. I love to engage and play with kids so that they feel comfortable and then gently guide them in posing.  Most kids can only handle one boss at a time so let me take over for a while and give yourself a break.

5. Bring Treats – If you’re coming to me for photos, don’t worry, I’m fully stocked with treats at all times. See below!  I’m shameless and never above bribery and it’s  the main thing one thing I rely on to get good photos of children;)   I hope your kids are okay with sugar!!


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