Secret, Secret, I got a Secret.

I have a little secret I never tell my clients. I stress out about photo sessions. Full truth, I worry. I worry about the weather, I worry about the location, I worry about the children, I worry about the colour of the leaves, I worry about the length of the grass…okay, I just worry. I want my client’s sessions to be lovely and stress free. I don’t unload my own worry on them. But, it’s true, deep down inside, I worry. I’m sure it has something (okay, a lot) to do with my perfectionist side. Or, something to do with my (some might say a tad controlling) Type A personality type. Either way it’s there and I have to balance it with logic, reason, and solutions. The logic and reason says, no Anita, you can’t control the weather. No, you can’t control what kids do. No, you can’t make grass grow faster. That is a good first step. But, the solution part is where I jump in and shine. Control the controllable, so to speak. To appease my anxiety, I scout locations and measure grass. Okay, I don’t measure grass but I do look at the leaves…and the grass.


Below is an example of how much things can change in a short time and why I can often be found craning out my truck window for a glance at a trail beside the road. If you are asking for a colourful fall session, I will know where and when to find it. It can change so quickly though. These first few photos are just one week apart and you’ll see the difference a week makes. The last two images were done when fall had waved its final goodbye and the leaves were scarce.  If I’m photographing a session, I will think about all these things and decide if the place we are headed to will properly lend itself to good photography. I will think about clouds and sunshine, back-lighting and glare, the slipperiness of a boardwalk, the chance of fallen trees (those are everywhere now!), the way the wind is blowing and oh, so many other things.  Some (aka my husband) might say, I’m taking all this too seriously!  But, it matters to me. I want to produce beautiful images for my clients along with beautiful memories to go along with them. So, I will continue to worry and measure grass look at leaves.

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