Behind the Scenes – Editing Photos Before & After

Who out there doesn’t love a good before and after?! I admit, I love them. I mean, love, love, love them! There is something so utterly satisfying about seeing something not so fabulous turned into something amazing. I especially love renovation before and afters so I hope to post some for the new studio soon – just waiting for everything to be 100% complete. For now, I’ll have a little fun with a session I did last fall.

On average, a family photo session takes between 8-12 hours. Yes. You read that correctly! 8-12 hours of time!  But how?!  You ask. Here’s a list to give you an idea of a typical session:

  • 1 hour emails and/or phone calls booking and prepping for session
  • .5 hour data entry, invoice, payment collection, receipt, contract
  • .5 hour location scouting before the session. I usually arrive early or visit the place before hand.
  • .5 hour clean and prep equipment. Choose blankets and props. Most importantly, fill Pez dispensers for children 🙂
  • .5 hour drive to and from location
  • 1-1.5 hours actually taking the photos
  • 1-2 hours upload the images and choose the best ones
  • 4-5 hours Lightroom Edit, Photoshop Edit, Rename files and turn each image into Black&White copy
  • .5 hour upload images to the online gallery, email the client and follow up with a thank-you

As you can see, a big chunk of that time is choosing and editing the photos I give.  I will admit, I shoot loads of images! If I’m giving you between 60-80 photos I’ve probably shot about 400 to get those best ones. I used to feel terrible about this until I went to a talk given by a famous National Geographic photographer who shoots about 30,000 and narrows them down to about 8 for the magazine!  Okay, my numbers aren’t so bad 😉 Needless to say,  there is a lot of time and care put into each photo before my clients ever sees them. It’s a huge part of the creative process and I love it.

The photos below show the image straight out of the camera and after editing.  These clients were so kind and sweet. They just immigrated to Canada too! It was fun to capture their first family photos in their new home. Welcome Pedersen family!  I hope you love this country as much as I do.


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