Smoke or Fog…I’m going with Fog!

Anyone who’s enjoyed summer in BC these last few years will tell you that we’ve been plagued by horrible forest fire seasons. I am hopeful that eventually, we will see an end to this trend. For now, I will continue to work in it and pretend it’s fog because, really, it can be beautiful (even if it does cause dry throats)! These people didn’t seem to mind much and agreed that the smoke did lend a rather moody feel to the photos.  And, as always, they were well dressed and beautiful!  Did you know I adore the mountains?  I love looking at them, climbing them, and especially using them as the backdrop for amazing family photos.  When Melanie (the pretty momma) asked if I knew any good places that showcased them, this spot came to mind immediately. It’s popular in the Fraser Valley photographer’s world but I hadn’t ventured out to visit it yet. It was worth the drive because even shrouded with “fog”,  they too, looked fantastic! Have I mentioned I love those mountains?!

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