Four Steps to Choosing Your Photo Session Wardrobe

I get asked all the time by clients about wardrobe and I often send them to Pintrest for ideas. It is loaded with inspiration but sometimes we all need a super simple way to plan. When doing my own family sessions I like to keep things really easy because I’m surrounded by boys who aren’t big fans of dressing up.  With this in mind, I made a chart with four steps to choosing your photo session wardrobe. This makes it easy to pick a wardrobe for your family photo session that works with your own personal style.  It helps to start by picking just two or three main colours and working with a variety of tones.  You’ll see this sample wardrobe is blue, purples and beige and there is a variety of each but in different tones so it’s not too matchy. I hope this helps you design your own wardrobe the next time you have a family photo session.

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