Abbotsford Family Photographer – The “S” Family 2016

As I sit at my desk, watching the snow fall, I had the sudden urge to blog some colourful photos from fall. It’s such a vibrant time of year and I miss it already.  Not that I’m sad about the snow, it’s a nice change and I’m hoping this pretty white stuff hangs on for some photos tomorrow!  For now though,  I’m basking in the light of these images and remembering a warm autumn evening.   I’ve been editing like a mad woman for the last couple months (busy season!) and thought it was high time I caught up on a little blogging too.   I’ve never photographed this family before  and I really enjoyed chatting with them and watching their smiles and connections with each other.  They were celebrating the arrival of their handsome son just a few months before.  As you can see he’s a blessed little boy with lots of love from his parents and big sister. Enjoy the flashback to fall.
abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-001-side-1 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-002-side-2 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-003-side-3 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-004-side-4 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-005-side-5 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-006-side-6 abbotsford-outdoor-family-children-photographer-007-side-7

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