Abbotsford Family Photographer – The Koss Family 2016

Okay, as usual for the Koss Family, this is going to be a long one! When you get the honour of photographing a family for many years you get to know them pretty well (not to mention Jenn is my talented hair stylist). So, what do you do when you feel really comfortable with people? You make them rush home from work on a weeknight to catch the sunset and take them to a rather sketchy and dirty (yet gorgeous) area. Thanks for always allowing me to be creative guys! I think it was worth the muddy shoes, the cold fingers and the red noses!  If there are any other families out there that are interested in family photography AND a little adventure,  that can be arranged! Please contact me:)

abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-001-side-1 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-002-side-2 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-003-side-3 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-004-side-4 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-005-side-5 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-006-side-6 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-007-side-7 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-008-side-8 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-009-side-9 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-010-side-10 abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-011-side-11abbotsford-outdoor-photographer-abbotsford-sunset-012-side-12

Doesn’t this sunset just grab you!?  It’s always my favorite time of day for photographing.  It would be sunrise but sadly,  not many people want to get up that early for their sessions 😉  In case there are any early birds out there who’d like to take advantage of the sunrise, just let me know.  And, thanks for visiting my page! I am an Abbotsford Family photographer based in BC, Canada. If you are interested in booking a Family Photography Session or any other photography session please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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