Jenn’s Ethereal Inspiration Session

This session has been a long, long time coming. Jenn and I discussed an inspiration session way back in January and then, as is often the case, life came along and interrupted our plans. After numerous attempts to get this going we finally made it happen in the last week of June. And what a perfect time it ended up being! My original thought, way back in January, was to have this beautiful lady shrouded in the early morning fog I enjoyed at Willband park. Sadly, there is not much fog this time of year so other plans had to be made. We discussed some water locations but that wasn’t going to be easy because we could only start our session at 6pm and that didn’t give us enough time to drive outside of Abbotsford. The third and final plan ended up being rather lovely anyway and we truly enjoyed this gorgeous tree and swing and the meadows full of flowers nearby.  Definitely a new favorite place to photograph, I believe!  I might just keep it a secret for a while.  Thanks so much, Jenn, for being my inspiration and making my job so enjoyable!

Jenn's Ethereal Inspiration Session photo session 001 (Side 1)Jenn's Ethereal Inspiration Session photo session 002 (Side 2)Jenn's Ethereal Inspiration Session photo session 003 (Side 3)Jenn's Ethereal Inspiration Session photo session 004 (Side 4)Ethereal inspiration photo session 005 (Side 5)Ethereal inspiration photo session 006 (Side 6)Ethereal inspiration photo session 007 (Side 7)Ethereal inspiration photo session

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