Sisters – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Beautiful girls in a beautiful tulip field. Who could ask for anything more?! You will probably recognize these elegant ladies because they’ve graced the pages of this blog a few times before. I met them about two and a half years ago when the lovely Almira was expecting her baby girl. This session however was really all about sisters. Two older sisters and Almira’s two daughters, the younger sisters, were the stars of the show. All of these stunning ladies share a very special bond between them. I loved watching them all interact with each other and seeing the pride in sweet momma’s face while she watched her darling girls together was such a gratifying experience. Looking back at these photos, I’m remembering the serious heat wave we had back in May and it makes me long for the summer weather to come back quickly! We had such a beautiful spring,  and I’m excited for the heat we’ve just got back! We just don’t get enough of these perfect days. Enjoy!

Sisters Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 001 (Side 1)Sisters Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 002 (Side 2)Sisters Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 003 (Side 3)Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 004 (Side 4)Sisters Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 005 (Side 5)Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 006 (Side 6)Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 007 (Side 7)Abbotsford Family Children Photographer 008 (Side 8)