Bryan and Angela – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Yes, you’ve seen these people here before! Bryan and Angela had not one but two engagement sessions with me, and they were so much fun! You can see those sessions here and here.  They were just as fun to work with at their wedding as they were during their engagement shoots. They are sincere, kind, and relaxed people and it’s always such a joy. They decided on a very special and intimate first look, and it turned out beautifully. The natural location really let their tenderness and love for each other take center stage. It was wonderful! We enjoyed beautiful sunny weather in Fort Langley, which is always a fantastic location for unique photographs.  We also took some photos at Derby Reach. Their wedding was all fun and games. Literally. They took a playful, yet casual approach to their big day and it fit their personalities perfectly!  Check out some photos of the cool activities they had planned for their loved ones!  Did I forget to mention the ice cream?! Yup, even I enjoyed a cone of it!

Bryan and Angela Wedding 001 (Side 1)Bryan and Angela Wedding 002 (Side 2)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 003 (Side 3)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 004 (Side 4)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 005 (Side 5)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 006 (Side 6)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 007 (Side 7)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 008 (Side 8)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 009 (Side 9)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 010 (Side 10)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 011 (Side 11)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 012 (Side 12)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 013 (Side 13)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 014 (Side 14)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 015 (Side 15)Angela & Bryan_s Wedding 016 (Side 16)

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  1. LOVE these!!! Anita, you are marvellous!!! Thanks so much for everything!!

    (Seriously… “Totes adorbes!!”)

  2. Yup, Totes Adorbes Angela! So awesome working with you and Bryan:)

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