Amee & Josh – Abbotsford

I’m so lucky to have amazing, friendly clients. It only makes sense that they have amazing, friendly friends too! This classy couple- Amee and Josh- were referred to me by other awesome clients of mine, and I knew instantly that I’d like them. They are sweet and kind, and they had me laughing all through their session. They fit each other so perfectly! The groom works as a pilot and the bride has a job as a teacher. You can feel the love in the way they look at each other! We spent the day taking pictures at Fort Langley, and we luckily had some really gorgeous lighting the whole session. The sun even came by a few times for some really beautiful photographs!

Their fabulous wedding is scheduled for this coming August. I’m so excited for the both of them! I know it will be a day to remember.

Abbotsford wedding photographer 001 (Side 1)Abbotsford wedding photographer 002 (Side 2)Abbotsford wedding photographer 003 (Side 3)Abbotsford wedding photographer 004 (Side 4)Abbotsford wedding photographer 005 (Side 5)Abbotsford wedding photographer 006 (Side 6)Abbotsford wedding photographer 007 (Side 7)Abbotsford wedding photographer Amee and Josh 008 (Side 8)Abbotsford wedding photographer Amee and Josh 009 (Side 9)Abbotsford wedding photographer Amee and Josh 010 (Side 10)

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  1. Love,love,love them all! Really looking forward to seeing how beautiful the wedding pictures will be:) What an outstanding session, Anita!
    Thank you so much,
    Proud Mom of the bride,

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