Time to Reboot – Abbotsford Photographer

I hate thinking of myself as an artist, I’m much too boring for that! But I know deep down I really am, and as a creative type I desperately crave time away from things. I mean, really away. Away from phones and texts. Away from computers and people, away from pressures and schedules. I just need time to reboot! Why? Because this is what feeds my soul and that’s what I need to be creative.  Not long ago my boys and I took an amazing adventure across the continent to Florida and then hopped on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean.  We enjoyed precious time together.   My favorite moments were the last few days in Florida when our schedules were wide open and we were free to connect with each other and with nature.  For me, the best vacations involve appreciating God’s creations alongside my three favorite boys. Here’s a little peek at our special journey.

Abbotsford Photographer Time to Reboot (Side 1) Abbotsford Photographer Time to Reboot (Side 2)

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