My Boys – Andy Turns 11!

I’ve been trying to get this post up for days now!  It was one of those situations where everything seemed to go wrong. Little problems with sizing would pop up, interruptions with the kids, internet started lagging, etc, etc, etc.  So finally, after three days of trying, here is my suddenly huge and always handsome little boy. This was a celebration shoot to mark the wonderful occasion when my son Andy turns 11 years old! He decided that he wanted a haircut right before the photos and it turned him into a little gentleman.  I’m loving it!  One of the best parts of my life has been watching my boys slowly turning into men.  I am incredibly grateful for the moments I share with this charming boy.  He has made me a better person more and more since the wonderful day we first met.

Andy turns 11 001 (Side 1)Andy turns 11 002 (Side 2)Andy turns 11 003 (Side 3)Andy turns 11 004 (Side 4)_1Andy turns 11 005 (Side 5)Andy turns 11 006 (Side 6)Andy 11 007 (Side 7)Andy 11 008 (Side 8)Andy 11 009 (Side 9)

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  1. Beautiful shots! Are those dimples Photoshopped? 😀

    1. Why, yes, they are 😉

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