My Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer

Last weekend my husband noticed the weather forecast was for sunny skies and warm temperatures and suggested that my family¬†get out for a night. I had to work during the day Saturday but he was amazing and packed everything for our mini get away. We arrived at Harrison Lake just after dinner time and enjoyed the most beautiful evening together. My son’s loved exploring in the canoe and were extra excited to do it for the first time by themselves. I was inspired the beautiful landscape and my husband, Andrew, was just so happy to be away for the big city. It was a perfect little vacation.

Abbotsford Family Photographer 1 001 (Side 1)Abbotsford Family Photographer 1 002 (Side 2)Abbotsford Family Photographer 1 003 (Side 3)Abbotsford Family Photographer 1 004 (Side 4)Abbotsford Family Photographer 1 005 (Side 5)Abbotsford Family Photographer 1 006 (Side 6)Abbotsford Family Photographer 1 007 (Side 7)

6 Replies to “My Family – Abbotsford Family Photographer”

  1. Beautifully captured family memories!

  2. So wonderful to have outside adventures with your boys!!

  3. gorgeous photos! is this in a particular campsite or just roughing it?

    1. Hey Monica, it’s roughing it! It’s about 1 hour down a logging road and then 1/2 down a 4×4 trail. Very secluded:)

  4. Love the beautiful pictures and you sharing your beautiful family adventures! That’s totally my kind of night!!

  5. LOVE!!! it is so awesome to watch your boy they are such awesome little men!

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