Joyce Trash the Dress – My Beautiful Sister

I adore my sister. Truly adore her. Words can not express how grateful am I to have her in my life. We weren’t always such great friends though. There was a time in our past, like those horrible teenage years, that we fought a lot. Thank God we have grown up and come to realize that we are each others truest friend. I was more than excited to photograph her in her wedding dress at our annual family reunion. She is celebrating her 10 year anniversary and wanted to have some fun with the dress. Boy, did we ever have fun. My tummy hurt from laughing so hard. It was work to get her NOT to smile. We were going for a ethereal/Lady of Shallot/enchanted look. I am so happy with the results. Love you sis! Your beauty takes my breath away.

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  1. Those lake pics are AMAZING!!!!

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