Jasmine & Jordan – Abbotsford Wedding Photographer

Finally,   here is the last post for Jasmine and Jordan.    I’ve really enjoyed editing these images!    I often joke with clients that “the pictures tell me what to do”.     As many people are aware,  a photographer’s job doesn’t end when he/she stops clicking the shutter.   I spend countless hours behind the computer screen editing the images and I really, really enjoy this part of my job too.    This is when the photos start talking to me (I’m not crazy, I promise).  When I load them into Lightroom ( a must have tool for all photographers!) the images start the dialogue.  Sometimes they tell me a little contrast,  a little warming, maybe some vignetting.    Sometimes they tell me  more,  wanting to be black & white, sepia, punchy or muted.   Last post,  vintage was the request.   This post,  for Jasmine who chose a rocking, vibrant bouquet and a kick-butt location, it definitely screams punchy and vibrant.   The ceremony photos first!

I love it when the minister uses the ring as a prop!   Makes a good shot.     This was a special minister too,  the groom’s father!

The attendance all made some noise during the kiss.  Very cute!

First stop was Heritage Park in Mission.

These guys could fly!

One of my favorite places,  Whonnock Lake.

This couple really made me smile.

Congratulations to a sweet and wonderful couple!   We were blessed to share this day with you.

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